Growing My Hair Long

Hubby said he wants my hair longer and has told me I can't have it cut without permission. Long hair takes longer to manage and dry but I want to please him so I can letting it grow. He wants me to tie it back all weekend and also insisting both daughters have the hair tied back, although they will probably wear their hair in bunchies, the youngest one wil anyway.
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3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Yes, my sister was married to a man who insisted that girls had to have long hair. No one old the extended family what was going on for decades - nights of hiding from Daddy, boys being beaten with tree limbs. One daughter ran away at age 15 because she could take it no longer. The results? Four children continually in legal trouble for drugs, theft and violence; two little children who don't know from one day to the next whether they will see mother or father. If a man is a moral leader, he doesn't need to brutalize his family.

I think it is wonderful for a women to wear her hair to please her husband. I also like it when a man wears his hair longer or shorter to please his wife.

I always tie mine back when cooking. But can have it down or up on top of my head as I choose at other times.