Consequences For Disobedience

This week I was assigned to spend a half hour with my daughter each day, just one on one. I was to report to my hunny nightly of our activities. He quit asking Tuesday and I quit sharing. Thursday and Friday I did not do it. This morning my guilty conscious had me confess. Some of you know, my hunny isn't the strictest, but at least he's trying. But I have to give him kudos for creativity.

My punishment- I cannot use my phone while my daughter is at bowling today. Not for games, checking email, EP, nothing. I must watch her every ball, encourage her, compliment her and give her lots of hugs. Not an awful punishment, but I love my phone. So it will be hard for me. I told him I'll leave it in the car, and he said to bring it in, so I will myself not to use it. Ugh- that will be the toughest part. I must obey. I can not ignore his commands.
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for not obeying your hubby should of punished you with spanking
that is the way my wife seems to learn in our home

That is very effective for me, too, Sir. This story was written when we were just starting this dynamic. He doesn't always spank. He's very creative with his discipline. Sometimes all it takes is to call my attention to it and it's corrected. Thanks for your comment.

if his form of discipline works with you then that is good
my wife needs the string on her botom to make her understand an obey

what you need with all that is a good spanking to teach you your lesson

I hope you love her more than your phone!

Lol- yes. This is WELL taken care of. The phone is not nearly as much of a distraction anymore.

A good spanking would also do wonders!
Glad to hear you have your priorities in order!
Gadgets have overtaken our focus from what is really important - the people we love. We don't need to be entertained 24/7 - there is enough in the people we love in our daily lives for that!!

You are absolutely right. I feel awful when I see a mom ignore her kids for her phone- that used to be me. But feel good that it's not me all the time anymore. Sometimes I forget. But it's not all the time.

I'm sure your daughter loves the attention. I know I always enjoy one on one time with my mom, I treasure those moments:-)
As for the phone I've been having similar difficulties with the internet the last few days. I've been studying and getting ready for tests and now finals for what feels like forever. I'm fairly sure my brain is about fried! lol

You have learned a valuable lesson. Focus on your children. It's hard to imagine what we did before all this technology made us "closer". Although, I would have never met you. And that would have been a shame:)

Amen to that Mr. Johnlava!

In the olden days (the 30's and '40's are the ones I know about) mothers had to work all the time - something like they did on the Waltons T.V. show. My mother's sister, now 91 years old, says that sometimes her mother would be doing one task & set a daughter to churning butter where she could watch her at her work. My grandfather had 13 children, but my grandmother gave birth to only 12. She took her step daughter in when it was evident that her needs were not being met elsewhere. Mothers and fathers paid attention to their offspring because everyone in the family needed each other. My grandfather did not need to spank his wife to feel like a man. He never doubted his manhood, nor did he have time to. They were both farmers, BUT my cat says i'm done here. bye

I survived without incident, but it was hard, lol! He kept bringing up not using my phone, and I so wanted to snap at him, but told myself this is part of it and accepted it. We had a talk after how my phone disconnects me from life and he may start limiting its use if I'm not more responsible with it. It's all on me now...

Good for you. You know the things my kids remember is my being all the way present in their lives at things that were important to them. Of course we did not have a cell phone then so it was much easier. I would often take them to the lake or Zoo various museums. They love to tell stories about that now as adults. To me at the time some of those ball games or museums were not the most exciting days of my life at the time.
Now they are cherished memories for us all. I think we have lost so much to being available to those phones.

yes, that's what he's trying to teach me. I just have to make myself available to people without my phone, and he said I was much more pleasant to be around today. hmmmmm

That is awesome! You do know life is about learning. I think you have grown and learned so much over just the last month. I am truly impressed my dear.

Thanks for noticing. I know I have. I have some fantastic examples and great support!!

Thanks. It's hardly a problem anymore... well, I guess I shouldn't say that because I did receive a punishment last Sunday for it. :) But it's much better. I just have to keep my priorities in line.

Sound like a good husband, yes cellphones are stealing time.!!!!

He changed the rules on it. Now I can use it when I want, but I have to put it away when he says. I get one warning, and then it escalates into not so fun times.

This scares me, since I have young kids. Both my wife and I could walk into a hole while checking our smart phones. I don't want to miss the memories.

Right. I've really lowered the use of my phone/ increased my awareness of the world around me when I use it. I sure missed a lot. :(

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Sometimes the creative punishments have a bigger impact than the more routine traditional punishments.

You can do it!

This is belated but yes- kudos to the creative consequence. I'm studying to teach, and we're taught that many time s creative consequences work. We are discouraged from punishing.