An Open Letter To All Single Submissive Ladies Out There.

Well, well, hasn't the world changed.

Believe it or not I've had to resort to a fetish web site to meet what would have been the normal feline angel 50 years ago - guess I was born to late!

If you are a lady over the age of 30 and understand the meaning of terms like 'taken in hand' and CDD then please feel warmly welcomed and please do read on.

I'm looking for a feminine submissive wife - nothing more and nothing less.

If you are a feminine lady, whoes looking to escape from the pressures of the modern world and be transported back to the simply safe and secure pleasures of the 1950's then I want to hear from you. You must love aprons and be comfortable dressed in frilly panties, stockings and short girlish dresses.

I'm a stable, hard working, well to do male in my fourties who looking for a 'keeper'. A rock to anchor my household and a love to cherish

Location is no issue as I can relocate you if required. You must be healthy and within childbearing age as I do intent to breed you. If you already have a child or two thats ok with me as well.

There will be no whips and chains, a pretty dress and ruffled panties will be your chastity device. Yes OTK spankings with hand or a paddle will be soundly delivered when deserved as will the cane for serious misbehaviour but with love, respect and appreciation.

O.K. its deeper than that .... much deeper .... buts lets keep that between the two of us shall we?

Can't wait to hear from you ....
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Dec 6, 2012