My Husband Hates My Pyjamas Lol

Many times over the years my husband has told me he hates me in pyjamas and when I asked him why he told me that he just hates them. I asked him what he liked me wearing and he said he likes my nighties.
Now the reason I wear pyjamas is really for decencies sake as we have 3 children - the oldest a 16yr old boy. The last thing I want to do is freak them out or the rest of their lives should they catch a glimpse of Mums bare bum if I bent over whilst making their breakfast etc lol !
So last week I decided to be proactive about this as i have now decided to live to please my husband.I pulled out the entire contents of my nightmare drawers and sorted them into piles on the bed . One pile for pyjamas, pile for pyjamas with short pants, pile for negligees and nighties. I asked my husband to go through them and put to one side what he doesn't like to see me in. He didn't seem very bothered to do this so I went through each item with him and he told me....'yes I like that' or 'no'. Once all my pyjamas with long legs were put in one pile I told him that he can bin them or burn them because I won't wear them again if he hates them.
So....I don't understand why he left them where they were...he isn't take them or do anything with a result I have put them all back in the drawer lol!! I am confused as to why he isn't take up the opportunity?
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Yes thank you for that advice Michelle - I have already noticed what you are referring to about people trying to undo what we have decided ourselves is the way we wish to conduct our marriages.
I think your advice about the pjs is spot on but I really need to decide whether I keep a pair or not. As I am so new to wanting to please my husband, I know that I can and will slip up and slip back into my cosy comfortable ways of old until I have trained myself well ! So if I keep a pair it is sort of like keeping that bar of chocolate in the cupboard whilst I am on a diet if you know what I mean :-))

Zappi - thanks, I think the same thought as you ...I think that I should get rid of the hated pjs as you are right, I will be reminded why I am wearing my more feminine and sexy nighties and not the comfy pjs.he has told me how he feels about my pjs so time they go .... Just need to find a nice gown that doesn't spoil the whole effect, to throw on when I need to see to the kids.

I did consider ditching them myself. I think he has probably already made it clear to me that he loathes seeing me in them . I suppose that I have 'slipped' up again on this one. I have put them back in my drawers to wear when he is not around on the thinking of what he doesn't see won't hurt him. But if I truly want to please him and submit to his wishes then maybe I should stick them all in the next charity bag that comes through the letter box? Maybe then I will not be able to comfortably slip back into my old bad habits. What do you think as someone who is well established in being submissive to her man?

@Michelle: A very wise and well written comment.
I think you are absolutely right and your advices sounds absolutely logical and also practical. Thank you.

I think you are probably right Jane. So now I keep the sexier stuff for when he is home and wear my comfy pjs when he is away

Otherwise if you convert to only wear what he likes, it could strenghten your feelings for him. You will be reminded constantly. Especially when he is not present. Could be an advantage(?)

He likely doesn't hate them, but prefers the others. He likely wants you to feel comfortable and knows that you like those comfy pjs. Please remember that men like to please women too.
My suggestion;
wear the sexy ones special for him as a treat, but keep the cozy ones for you.