A New Paddle

This past Christmas Master said he was wanting a firm loofa he could use on his lower legs and feet. He gets really bad dry skin, especially on his lower legs and feet. In his stocking I gave him a long handled loofa skin brush.

Before he pulled it out he seemed really excited. When he saw what it was he looked a little bummed out, but he didn't say anything.

Later in the afternoon he said he really did like it. And that when he saw the tip of the handle he thought I had given him a paddle.

His birthday is about a month away. I had been thinking about what he said about the paddle and how excited with anticipation he looked.

I did some online "research" and shopping. I found one that doesn't seem too scary (LOL).

I ordered it late last night. I was excited (kinda) with the surprise purchase at the time.

Now today I am super nervous and totally second guessing my thought process and decision to buy it!

Help! What was I thinking!? Has any other submissive wife done this kind of thing? How did it turn out? Should I cancel my order? Advise please.... Update: I did not cancel the order, and it was suppose to arrive in the mail either today or tomorrow. Well Master checked the mail today. He claims there was only junk, but he seems interested in a good girl spanking tonight.... Hmmmmmm... I am working out of town tomorrow. And I hope he isn't interested in checking the mail tomorrow too. I hope he didn't find it in the mail today and spoil my surprise for him. Second Update: I got home later than usual so I wasn't able to go to the post office to check the mail. But I didn't need to take anyone to their early bird class today. I left at the regular time and stopped to check the mail... It Arrived!!!! Now I have a new question.... I got this originally for His Birthday (in mid May). I ordered it early because I had no idea how long it would take to arrive. Now it is here pretty quickly too. Do I give it to him early and find something else for his birthday or do I wait. I am kinda thinking of waiting only because I don't have another good idea for his birthday.
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I ordered a paddle with holes in it about 3 days ago. I wonder if I should have gotten one without holes. Unfortunately, the Ebay seller wasn't on vacation and shipped it quickly. I considered sending the seller a message asking why he hates me. Lol. It should arrive today or tomorrow. My husband isn't even here until next month, I have.. other concerns. I've told my husband I ordered it and he seems happy about it, he's been telling me to get one for a few months. His tone when he talked yesterday about punishing me could have sent a chill down my spine, my legs were literally shaking. I am going to regret this, I can feel it.

Mine does not have holes and I have no problems feeling it when my Husband chooses to use it.

I wonder which hurts less. The one with holes has less mass to strike me with. My husband strikes really hard and I'll feel it even if it was air, so I need the least painful one. I was stupidly thinking less wind resistance. Lol. (I made a logical choice, not necessarily a good choice. Lol) Well, I didn't tell him it had holes. I can order the other one before he gets here, but I don't know if that's the better choice.

Hmmmmmm I'm not sure either!

Good luck sweetie

Waiting is Never Easy

I know, right?!

Keep it for his birthday. No need to ruin the surprise. It's only a month.

True its not too far off...

Never has the post office had so many people in so many different places so worried about one package...Grin

It arrived. I checked the mail before work this morning.



What a sweet wife! I can't believe I missed this..... I am now watching with everyone else to see how it turns out

Thanks sweetie!

I have to check the mail when I get back in town to see if it arrived yet...

My HoH has two wonderful leather paddles. They hurt, but are wonderful at the same time.
Don't cancel - a good paddle is much better than a hair brush, whip or belt.
good luck

Thank you!

Not sure why I get nervous and second guess myself when I give Him something personal like this. It really is kinda silly to get all nervous.

Don't cancel the order. I'm sure he will love it. You may not love it when he takes it for a test drive, but the smile on his face when he gets it should make it all worth it.

Thank you for the reassurance! :-D

You're welcome. That which does not kill you makes you stronger :-D

Oh now that wasn't very nice ;-)

Aww I'm sorry. I'm sure it won't be too bad. There will be no derriere death. :-)

LOL oh you are sooooo very right :-D

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How can you go wrong...i'm sure it's perfect.
It doesn't have to be scary to do the job.
This way , you both win.

So true! It doesn't look scary, but, well other than it is a paddle... LOL

And thank you!

Don't cancel it. You know he wants one. ;-)

Thank you aquiet1!

I kinda needed a little pep talk to prevent me from backing out of my idea.