Comfort Zone

I feel my very best when I am doing things for him. I have truly given my whole being to him. when he gets home I am there with an ice cold drink and I hot plate of food. I love to know I please him in every way that I can. I feel safe knowing that he is in control of me, it is very reassuring. When we walk into parties I prefer to be behind him until I warm up to it then I will stand beside him. I submit to him but really it is me that comes out on top. because I always feel protected by him and that is all I really want.  

HisLady HisLady
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5 Responses Sep 11, 2009

I know just what you mean HisLady. I do the same exact thing at parties and I love taking care of my boyfriend/Master when I can:-) It feels good and makes us both happy.

Ask him if there is anything He really likes to see You wear or not wear. Then follow his wishes. We always overlook the simple things.

This is just beautiful! I feel exactly the same way, and I'm happy for both of you that you found this.

I call that LOVE!

That is fantastic, I too find myself following my husband till I feel secure enough to come out and stand at his side. Sometimes I feel I can't do enough for him though he tells me all the time that I please him. I guess part of me wants to some how give back to him all he has given me...