A Submissive Life As A Submissive Wife

I'm 22 years old and a submissive. I live in London UK with my wonderful Husband, my Lord and Master.


It is my belief that a woman’s body is not her own, but her Husband’s. This is the natural order of things. i believe it is a Man's world and women should show deference to their Husbands; treat Them with respect, shower Them with admiration, obey Their every command and honour Them for being Men.


My Husband is my Lord and Master. i belong to Him, body and soul. i do everything possible to please my Husband. i crave His approval, and i cater to His every whim. In all that i do, i adopt His preferences, and i bow to His desires.


i am His adoring, worshipful wife, and i exist only to please Him. i love Him with every fibre of my being.


Feel free to ask me anything, but please don't abuse my lifestyle choices. If you don't agree you may click away...


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I am a married woman and mother of two. I would like to know more about the concept of being a submissive wife. I live in London and would like to connect with others who are living this kind of marriage. Online I have only found US forums but would like to talk to British women.
Mrs. Davies

I loved reading your story, your lifestyle is my ideal that I crave to perfect with my Master daily. Thank you

You have the exact relationship I am working towards. god Bless you for sharing.

When asked I say I am submissive in my relationship and in my sex life. <br />
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However, I am nowhere close to what you describe as being submissive. <br />
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What you describe, sounds more like a Master/Slave Relationship. If it works for you and your husband, great!

Thank you for your comment humblejoan, i really appreciate it :)<br />
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Thanks falardeauw for your response. i am pleased to hear that you are able to experience first hand the delights of being a submissive wife. Please feel free to contact me for questions, support etc. in your journey to full submissiveness.<br />
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Again thank you for taking time to comment Damionleamon. As far as your questions go yes of course i get punished by my husband and i am grateful to receive it as i knwo it is for my betterment. Often these spankings are more for pleasure than actual chastisement and i may even deliberately break little rules to get a spanking! Of course there also comes the times (only ocassionally i flatter myself!) when i severly displease my Master and must face the consequences. These can come in a variety of ways through spanking, whipping, denial etc. but of course the worst punishment of all is my Master's disappointment :(. I find that i need these physical punishments so that i can move on and let go of the emotional punishments i would otherwise torment myself with.

Are you punished for your mistakes by hubby? are you submissive tothe point of willingly taking a spankingfrom Hubby?

Your story is inspiring to me. I am a submissive wife , also. It took me a long while to understand what I wanted and needed from my man. Now we are on the same page and both loving it. I hope to be as fully submissive as you are some day. Thank you for writing.

sounds like a lovely relationship hon

Thank you both for responding to my story. i am so glad you understand RoniJa- thanks for hte support. In answer to your question RebRouser, no my Master does not share me as He is not into that sort of thing. i am His and no one else's. As far as our sex life goes it is always Him who initiates anything and of course i would never refuse. my submissiveness continues in the bedroom, my Master particularly likes mild BDSM.

So being submissive to your husband...just what does that encompass as far as your sex life...does he share you...