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 I have always wanted to be submissive. It is more than a is a yearning, a desire, an inner calling. I have fought it most of my life, but I am now willing to let go of my dominance and surrender completely. It is scary I have to admit that, but I am willing to face all of my fears. I trust my husband/Master to never hurt me, humiliate me, or degrade me. Our relationship has grown even stronger now since I don't fight him for the control of being the head of this household. I have been so independent all of my life that it has been so hard to even fathom being dependent on another person. It is a daily battle inside my head to just let go, and be the woman I have always dreamed of being. I am a Manager of a store where I am in total control all day long seven days a week. This is where my mind gets confused. All day long I have to be dominant at work, and then come home to be submissive to my Master. I have a hard time coming down from that role, and surrendering to him completely. I am hoping there are other women that are dealing with the same issues that can give me some advice. I am always willing to listen and learn from someone with some great advice. :O)

 Thanks for reading my story...I'm sure I could go on and on, but that will come later. lol


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I have recently been fortunate enough to be collared by my Master, in doing this I know have him with me always. His control and ownership of me is visible as the restraint around my neck. Going to work, the school run, exercising and everything else felt a little odd at first but it has helped me so much in accepting his ownership of me and my submission and devotion to him. Hope it gets easier for you.

my husband and i have recently decided to take on these roles, not just in the bedroom or in a kinky manner. we have 2 children. he works all day monday through friday and is off on the weekends. we have a tight routine. and i am embracing the reward i get from giving in and being a submissive wife.

Before my Master and i Took our relationship to full time, I ran into the same trouble. The fix involved two simple things. The first is that when I took my lunch I would call him from<br />
a private place and ask what I may have for lunch, giving Him control of my time that was unrelated to work. The second is that on my way home I would stop at a secluded spot, the back of our nieghborhood supermarket, and change from my work clothes into what Master had chosen. Ussually this was something very skimpy and barely legal. This helped me get into the right head space before I arrived home.


Just keep in mind, that it is by your Master's pleasure that you are allowed to do what you do regardless of what that is. Working a job or serving him on your knees, all you do and all you are or will be, is for him.

Thank you Thaumas. :O)<br />
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I have such a hard time coming down from my role as Boss that I tend to talk to my Master with the same tone & attitude that I speak to with my employees. He always tells me that he's not my employee, and to knock the attitude off. Very hard to do when they call me at home with the most stupid questions after I have worked my ten hour shift. I'm so mentally exhausted from work that I can't seem to enjoy my home life anymore. <br />
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Good news is that at the end of this month I will no longer be a Manager. I have given my months notice, and I'll finally be able to relax and enjoy life for a while. :O) I believe that this will give me time to find the submissive side, and let the dominant side subside. I sure am looking forward to only worrying about my Master for a change.<br />
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Thanks for sharing your input...makes me feel that I'm not alone.

LoveSlut, your total submission will come in time. Submission is not an all in, all at once persona. It takes time and training, self discipline, and the discipline from and of your Master. Your understanding of your Master is paramount if you are to accomplish submissiveness. Do not think about being submissive, feel it, in your heart, in your soul. I am your Master, I will always love, protect, nurture, guide, discipline, and punish you when needed. Your rewards will be great, as will your punishment. You’re not alone in the duality of two hats. It is a very hard task to be the BOSS at work then the Submissive at home. You’re doing fine, keep going in the direction your headed. I believe that is why GOD said the women should stay at home and the men should tend their fields, NO DUAL HATS. I love you S. You’re my most prized possession, and I look forward to the honor of being your Master till I take my last breath.<br />
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Forever and always you’re MASTER: Wildazride