Last Weekend

Last weekend was very special indeed, it was the first weekend i was to spend with my Master's kids while my kids were with their father. His boys are amazing, we watched TV together, we invited a friend over and his daugther.

We put up the christmas tree while we listened to Christmas songs, i thought the boys werent going to be interested in doing so, but they were, it was a lot of fun watching them and my Master unwrap branches, we did great!!, all teamwork.

I was tired from driving a long, long trip but i really wanted my Master to have a beautifully decorated tree, so i started with the decorations that were already there in boxes but i noticed one of the boys didnt really like my choice of white flowers,j so went to the store and planned how i was going to decorate it.

I got some christmas colors mesh and used wire to make it look like a candy wrap on a chain. I was getting frustrated that the house was dirty and i was nowhere ready to fnish the mesh chain, but then my kind Master saw my frustration and started helping me, and again..teamwork, we finished and it looked nice. i still want to add more to the tree this weekend.

Later on, the boys decided to play a board game, i was nervous since im not into board games, but oh wow, it was incredible, we had so much fun, my Master had to make a mask and wear it for the game, He was so into it just to make His boys happy, all i could think of was.."what a marvelous man, how i wish He was the father of my kids", and amazing father He is, im proud to say that my Master is an extraordinary human being, with a beautiful heart and im truly blessed to have met such a magnificent person.

i love You Master with all my heart!!!
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Dec 4, 2012