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have just begun a relationship with a man i have known for about three years,we were good friends and have since discovered that he likes to dominate me and i love to be dominated by him,we have found in each other what we have been looking for,i always knew there was something missing in my life,but it took him being in my life to make me realise it and have the ability to express myself with him and be who i truly am,as he can with me,but one thing ive found difficult is its hard to find places where you can discuss this with likeminded people,the sites ive found are like dating sites,and im not interested,i would just like to talk to people who feel the same way as me.maybe get some advice,as we are both new to this and also some advice on how to have this kind of relationship while also being in a long distance realtionship,am going round in circles at the moment,im the type of person who likes to know as much as possible about something,and this is no exception i dont undertake this lightly i am aware of my duties as a submissive and i want to be the best i can really enjoying the fact that as i now know my true nature,i can be myself,i have more confidence ,i have a higher opinion of myself than i did before,i have never felt more loved and cared for than i do now and i have him to thank for it,and this is just the beginning.
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That is horrible!! I am so so sorry. But I am also glad that you found out before you became even more entangled. I had a very bad experience with a Dom that broke my trust as well. It made me question everything for a long time. I have decided that, just like in all aspects of life, there are people who are not trustworthy. I learned that a Dom must be worthy of your submission. It is not something to be given lightly or to anyone that asks. Unfortunately, many subs that I have met along the way have had to learn this the hard way. Please don't think you are alone in this either. I am not able to email on this site because I don't have any tokens. I can't find you on fetlife either. If you are still there and wish to talk more please email me there again. I wish you the best.

thanks pixie40,joined fetlife,but to my utter horror the man who is supposed to be my dom,is on there hes someones mentor(he told me he had no knowledge of this lifestyle) he also is looking for casual sex etc,and has posted a pic of me and him when we were together without my permisson,this man said he loved me and would never hurt me,my whole world has been turned upside down

There is a website called that is kind of a facebook for kinky people. I joined when I was looking for connections within the lifestyle. If you join, feel free to friend me, my user-name there is the same as here. I found it to be very helpful.<br />
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Congratulations on discovering this facet of yourself. It is freeing and empowering. Enjoy your journey.

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