A T-girl Manhanled By Several Men

For years now, I have had the urge to submit to several top males into bondage and ball torture. The thought of being restrained in 5 inch high heels to the floor with both hands tied to the back and raised up ward to the ceiling,bending me over.Being collared and restrained to the floor.And having them use a wet leather string and strangle my balls with it and anchor them to the floor.Then each one would use my ***** *** and mouth to their own desire, after they dumped all their fluids in me and I thought it was almost over, they started to flog and spank my *** very hard. They stopped for awhile, and started to attach clover nipple clamps to both nipples. Then someone started to crack a whip and I new what was coming next, what a sting and burning feeling that was. Then somebody shoved his fat **** up my *** and started to **** it again. All I knew, was that my *** felt like it was on fire.
I heard some say, time to use the one pound weights on those nipples. After they attached the weights on my nipples, they too were on fire and I heard the voice of the **** ******* me "oh yes" the *** is tight again. My testicles were all ready on fire when they added a 10 pound weight to my strangled balls.
Flogging of my *** and thighs resumed and a new toy was added, something like a cattle probe shocking my balls and anus. By this time I was hoping they were getting tired just as I was. But no, here comes two other men with their own little gadgets. In the position I was in, I could not see what was going on other than what I was hearing. I heard them say, wire each testicle and pad each bun and insert this electric butt plug.The sensations of electrical stimulations was not bad, until they turned up the power, then it was painful, and just like a little girl, I cried all the time.
unaviejaputa unaviejaputa
51-55, T
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i would enjoy this pain!