Something I've Realized

I've always been the tough type. I have to be in complete control of myself...even my emotions. I've always been the take charge type and I'm the one everyone I know seems to turn to with a problem. But I realized something...when it comes to intimate relationships I'm completely the opposite. I back down...I want him to be in control. It's kinda like having a split personality.
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Fantastic post, thank you. Yes this is the ideal sub.... Strong inside and has some real personality, but very submissive and vulnerable intimately, emotionally, sexually. I am trying to figure out how to tell if a woman is a sub when you can't see it on the surface.

I didn't even know these women existed until recently when I connected with one and found out as we went along. it made me realize that's the kind of woman I need and that I am a natural dominant type who is also very loving and affectionate.

I've spent the past few months since then with my head spinning trying to process it all and sort out where to meet more women and how to tell if they may be a sub like this. Any thoughts?

You like to surrender control to a strong partner, yet you are strong yourself. There are lots of strong submissives that just need someone to be in charge be their rock.

And that is the problem for many subs, finding an intelligent strong partner to whom you can submit...

Yes being a man like this, how can I find a sub?

Yes and being a man like this, how can I find a sub like that?

it's good to submit after havintg to make decisions all day long

That is a very common reaction. A lot of people with high stress jobs and power tend to be very submissive in their private life.

I am a little bit like that too. In my work life which is over 40 hours a week I am the strong in charge type. I feel very capable at my work and am looked to for problem solving and getting the job done. The minute I am with my master i am completely submissive in all things (excepting what he wants me to be in control of). To the public eye I am a clever classy lady but behind closed doors i am his sub (not just in the bedroom). my master could not and therefore i could not limit my submissiveness.

That's it exactly! We do kinda have a split personality! But that's ok...any other way would just be boring! I never feel so much a beautiful and powerful female as when my man takes charge of my body! When he's whispering (very fimly) the things he wants me to do! When I prove to him that I belong completely to him!! It is truly the greatest rush you can experience! BTW..I am a nurse, in charge of a very busy ER...very strong willed and smart! Not at all subservient in any other part of my life! Sometimes just thinking about how very different i can be makes me grin! I'm a beautiful, classy, lady on his arm, and a freak in the bedroom! And I have one very happy man!!

That is exactly the way i am. ive never tried to put it to words, and you have done a beautiful job!!

Ive met others very much like u describe yourself. My wife is a very take charge/dom in her daily life, especially business, but when she is with a guy (after hours :) she is a complete sub ... Im sure I was a sub from the gitgo, but when in the marines to 'toughen up' made it thru and did well but im still a sub at heart ... my wife and i have an open relationship, and if im with a guy or babe (im bi) I definitely want/need them to be dom to me ...

Its what I feel, what I know I need and yet I've never met a man who wanted my ... that would take the control, that could or would dominate. Its frustrating and my friends make me feel "broke" or think I'm kidding when I try to talk about it or find him. I've pretty much given up but reading your comment made me feel less broke.

I understand how u feel.. im the same.. when u r controlled u feel cared for and very special.. my dom makes me feel very special and i hope i show him how special he is to me.

I'm kinda like that too. It's wierd.