I Found Out I Am Submissive

I found out on Fetlife I am submissive and my husband told me I am too.

He has forced me to wear diapers and use them for my bodily functions. The toilet is off limits and I am not allowed to take my diapers off when he is home and awake unless he says I can take them off. I can only take them off to change them when he is sleeping or not at home and he has to give me permission. I also get punished if I am not wearing a diaper and if I use the toilet or take them off when he is there and awake and didn't have his permission. I have to wear diapers 24/7 and that means wear them around my family and his and everyone. If we ever go swimming, I have to wear swim diapers and would get me some if we decide to do it sometime.
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no wonder your site name is girlwith anxiety. you are being FORCED to do something that you are clearly not comfortable with. did you ever realize that a submissive is the one who holds the power? you'll be a sub for as long as YOU want to be. ask yourself, do i deserve better than this? if the answer is, "yes," then i suggest that you leave this clown and move on.<br />
good luck to you,

What makes you think I am not comfortable with all this?

this was your latest story that i stumbled upon. later on, i came across your earlier tidbits.....
my apologies if i i have offended you. my comment wasn't meant to offend.
if this is what blows yer skirt up, by all means, have at it...
be well and "stay dry." (i guess)

I would love to tell my girlfriend that I was submissive and let her take control totally submitting to her<br />
Have you begun to enjoy wearing diapers all day?<br />
Does he make you poo in them?

I enjoy my diapers and I do have to poop in them too.