I Just Want To Be Naked!!!

I love to be naked. Whenever I can be naked I am. It's such a great feeling. But last night my mistress told me that for the next two weeks I am only allowed to be naked in the shower. I am not happy about this!!! I asked her if I was being punished and she said no. So I asked her why she was doing it then and she just told me "because I feel like it". And then she added another week as punishment for questioning her. It's so hard to be submissive sometimes but I hope that as time goes on that I will learn to be a better slave.
YourLittleAngel YourLittleAngel
18-21, F
2 Responses May 12, 2012

you will have to learn to please Mistress so that she allows you to be naked.<br />
Does she keep you naked when friends are in?<br />
Does she publicly punish you?

No she never lets other people see her naked and she never punishes me in public

It is a hard lesson to learn but when a Mistress/Master orders something it is always best to just reply "yes Mistress/Master" all will become clear later if it is of importance.