Master's Gift

He whispers in my ear "Your submission is a beautiful gift"
I know he is studying me, drinking me in with his eyes I can feel it in my skin. I am kneeling eyes cast down so I can't see him I can only feel his presence around me surrounding me like a blanket. My heart is pounding against my ribs trying to escape.. I am anticipating his next me I have no control I don't know what he is planning but I want to show him my patience so I breathe through it slowly. With feather light fingers he touchs my shoulder causing me to jerk with surprise which causes him to snap "Don't Move" I quickly get back in position while he continues he feather light touches. His hands trail down my neck going lower running his knuckles over my breast that I felt my nub awaken by his gentle caress. My breathe quickens but I dare not move for fear of displeasing him. His voice comes out low and husky "Beauitful I like seeing you like this ready and open for what I desire" I feel pure heat starting in the pit of my stomach going down towards my throbbing sex just from his words. My hand are restrained behind my back so I can't move and that alone increases my arousal. I feel like I can't breathe correctly. "Look at Me" His command spashes through me like a whip that I don't even think about it. Looking at him he asks me "Do you know why we are here?" I barely manage a whisper for the dryness in my throat "Yes Master" he moves and frees my hands rubbing my shoulders. He moves to stand in my line of sight that with a simple hand gesture I know he wants me to stand. I gracefully stand and present myself to him. He opens he bag taking out a flogger and a dragon tail whip. I am staring at them with fear and excitement. I know this is a test of my submission to him. He puts his hand in my hair gripping me tightly pulling my head back for a dominant kiss.
(I will continue this later)
nicelysweet87 nicelysweet87
22-25, F
Sep 16, 2012