Master's Gift (part 2)

His fingers caress my breast pitching my erect nub between his fingers to the point of pain which goes to striaght to my heated core. He keeps touching my body how he pleases. (While I am silently begging him to keep going south) unknowingly leaning in to his touch that he chuckles but with a quick snap he caught me on my thigh "Don't move darling" rubbing the sting away his hand cups my *** and squeezes. Slipping his fingers into my heat finding me embrassingly wet which makes him hum in approval."Your always ready for me" his voice comes out huskily. "Only for you Master" I manage to say between moans. His fingers are playing with me like I'm a musical instrument. I am so arousal that I feel my wettness trailing down my thighs.He slips a finger in my core pumping at a slow and controlled pace. My breathe is coming out in puffs and pants. I feel flushed and hot everything the feel of his hand on my breast in me are driving me to the peak. I feel my pleasure increase like tsunami but he stops everything I let out a whimper of protest. He hands are gone his body heat is gone leaving me feeling needy and frustrated in a haze that I snap "Damn you!" when I notice what I've done I quickly sneak a peek at him seeing his eyes narrow but with a hint of amusement and his month in a tight line my first thought is "****" so I quickly fall to my kneel bowing my head and saying "Forgive me Master" He walked to the center of the room where two wrist cuffs where hanging from chains "Come and stand here" He ordered. After standing where he directed me he clipped my wrist to the chains so know I am an x feet apart arms up hanging from the chains. He presses his body to my back his hand cupping my mound he whispers "bare hand or paddle darling and how many?" I breathe in a quick breath "Which ever my Master chooses" I reply "Good answer how many?" he asks again I am now thinking 5, 8, 9,10 but I need to chose what he would consider not me. "10 Sir for being disrespectful"

nicelysweet87 nicelysweet87
22-25, F
Sep 16, 2012