My First Submissive Partner.

During the 3 months i spent with my dom i've felt he has treated me well and maybe better than i have deserved when it came to punishment.
I Fell for my dom after a short time through the mixed feelings of this part as it was also new to me.
The journey we took together in different sessions and ideas has made the time more presious. He tied, whipped, spanked, lubed, penetrated, anal, double penetration, gaged, ripped, bruised, bitten, **** ********, vibrating underwear, dressing up sessions, orders to obey and much much more towards me.

I have an amazing dom and i thank him for my experiences.
I am not ready to move on and wont be for a long time.
Hope this storey helps others and myself to move on. We are all lucky :(
randomgirl22 randomgirl22
22-25, F
Jan 15, 2013