Finding "Me"

It took years of failed relationships, failed marriages and failed attempts to start a family before I found my Baby.

He is my everything.  He listened to me when no one cared.  He showed me I have tremendous value as a person, a friend, a lover and, yes, finally a mother.  He showed me this during a time in my life where even my family did nothing but "scold" me for being "different" and not conforming to their ways.

He showed me that it is okay for me to be angry at them for trying to force me to live my life within their guidelines.  It's okay to love them, yet still be upset with them.  I do not have to bend for "anyone" I choose not to bend for.  The decisions are mine for the taking and the rewards are mine when earned.

I am a Submissive.  My Baby is the person I submit myself to, him and him alone.

I've learned trust, acceptance, peace, love, respect and contentment through him.

Some people will tell you the lifestyle is "abnormal"...well, it is if you are someone who conforms to society's views of "normal"...however I choose not to conform.  I have been in "normal" relationships.  They have all failed.  If you cannot trust your mate, there IS no relationship.  By trusting your mate in more "off-beat" activities you are showing them the highest form of respect.  When they do not abuse that trust and prove to you that they are deserving of your "gift", then and only then can you truly say you have a relationship built on trust and respect.  The love you feel for your mate grows unchecked.  It is an amazing feeling, one I'm proud to experience.

Being a submissive is not just about "taking orders."  There is a much deeper element involved.

I am glad I found myself.

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36-40, F
3 Responses May 24, 2007

Good for you....enjoy!... :)

very cool outlook

Agree whole heartedly. A gift....