Vic's Outdoor Punishment

(note for the readers : I write each of my stories for a specific sub - some are fantasies, some are scenarios that will actually play out, some are stories based on passed experiences. I want to share those stories with EP, because I'm interested in what others think, if they can relate or not, if they have additional ideas, suggestions for other storylines or better yet, suggestions for what I might do additionally, or better... Some stories are descriptive, others are addressing the sub directly, and some are a mix.)

I know this nice little forest near my home town, it’s actually part of the private garden that belongs to an old and beautiful castle – and the forest has nice secluded places with sufficient open space for some playing. Of course, in such a place there is always a small risk we could be seen by a gardener or a guard, but that wouldn’t really bother me. I’d explain you have been extremely bad, and needed to be ‘put in your place’, as we say. Besides, in winter time, there is hardly anyone around…

With plenty of trees around, it would be easy to tie you, arms and legs widely spread, to 4 different branches. You’d be posted nicely in the middle of an open area, stretched to your maximum in the shape of an X, as naughty subs should in fact spend most of their free time (no pun intended ;). It goes without saying you would have been ******** fully naked before being tied, and I was wondering if I would cover your eyes but then I thought no, no blindfold. I want to see the expression of pain, excitement and despair in your face when you’re receiving the so-many’th hard smack somewhere on your fully exposed and utterly defenceless body.

This punishment is for a serious offence, vic, you thinking you could just continue to make false promises and disobey me, and hence it would be administered without compassion. As you are in the outdoors, surrounded by plenty of forest, I wouldn’t mind your screaming and moaning and begging, in fact, I would enjoy it to some extend (if it becomes annoying, I’d make sure you have no choice but to stop by taking away your breath with the strength of the punishment, so that you have no time to make noise).

So forget about warming up. I would start with a freshly cut, rather elastic but strong cane from one of the trees around ; or maybe a bundle of them – and I would cane your *** until it is completely red and swollen in nice stripes, from just above your thighs till just below your back. I assume that would require at least 100 strokes, that would be administered in series of 5, without any attention given to your pleas for compassion and a break. Well, you would get a break after maybe 50 strokes, as I would take some detail pictures, and stroke your –undoubtedly wet by then- ***** with the same cane, starting soft and ending so hard you almost jump of the ground. I’d then also give a few strokes to each of your breasts, as they’d feel abandoned by then, and would crave for attention. Then I’d turn my attention back to your red and blistered ***, and administer the next 50 strokes without a pause. You would be crying by that time, vic, and probably be grasping for air. I might comfort you a little at that point, kiss you on your tears, stroke through your hair, caress your breasts and ***.

After that, some nipple clamps will be put on, Y shaped clamps with a chain in between, the lower clamp being put to squeeze your **** to the maximum it can take. The chains would then be readjusted as well, to create a nice tension between those 3 wonderfully sensitive points of your made-for-sex-and-submission body.

Then I’d get out the wooden paddle I love so much and you’ve come to enjoy, the biggest of the African spoons, and the most stinging and harsh paddle in my collection, wouldn’t you say? I would then spank you so hard until you really can’t take it anymore and cry for mercy, and you can’t stand on your legs anymore, shaking and dangling – you’d be hanging now from both your wrists, kind of dosing out from the pain and the prolonged and extreme excitement.

To bring you back to this world, I’d insert a rather big ***** in your *****, a ***** fixed to a branch of wood reaching up between your legs from the ground. You’d have no other option then to try and stand as still as possible from then on, as the ***** keeps your ***** nicely centred. I’d spank that ***** and your **** again for a while, with a leather, nine-tail whip, to bring you back to the scene. Obviously, you’d be forbidden from coming all that time, until I tell you to come. That would be shortly after your knees have started to tremble uncontrollably, your *** is actually turning blue, and you have started to cry unstoppable from both fear, pain, shame and utter excitement.

I’d lay down in the grass, and watch you come as you’ve never come before, again and again, each time I pull the chain of the clamps and thereby your nipples and ****, strongly towards me… After all, they and you, all of you, belongs to me - and taking this punishment in the best way you could, would make me proud of this sub that belongs to me!
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Jan 23, 2013