A Very Happy Sub.

I am a collared submissive with a fantastic Master.
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my Mistress has me collared and treats me with respect, even though i am happy to do everything this is not what she wants. I do work and therefore she makes sure she does the food for when i get in, though i am allowed to do the meals on days off.<br />
We are still finding our way in this relationship style even tho' we have been together for 25 years and married for 20 of those and the lifestyle choice was made more to save the marriage as we were literally tearing ourselves appart as supposed equals.<br />
We have always had more of a D/s relationship in the bedroom we have now just applied this to 24/7 and exploring new avenues all the time to keep things fresh. <br />
We have just ordered a chastity cage for me and hope this helps Mistress know just how much i am hers and how much i trust her.

I'm like that you can be submissive but is there a guy out there that wants to be dominated. I am not submissive, I am dominating sexually.

I agree with you morbiddaydream! For us as a couple involving a 3rd person (dom/male) it adds excitement and drama to the erotic experience... The idea of being collard does not even have to include a actual collar for the sub to wear...at least not in our case....although we do play with email's to this guy , using photo shop to put his initial on my G/F for him! for us it's just acting out and allowing her to express her submission towards him...??? Not to mention showing him he is the one in control sexually...

Sometimes "collared ones" don't feel like they deserve respect, even when they do.


he is lucky.if you were with me i would take you out on the week ends and share you with other men so i could get you to do anything for me.i love women like that and i would keep you freshly ****** all the time and i would dig it if it made you want it as much as i do.we would both be sexually satisfied all the time.that would feel so good and i would desire you always.

Wow! you sound perfect xxx

pls elaborate..