Sub Frenchmaid

I came out of the closet for my wife about the fantacy, she was into it. So now I dress in a small frenchmaids outfit with fishnets attached to garters attached to a teddie. 5 inch open toe sandels on my feet with red nails. I place glue-on nails, eyeliner, mascare. eye shadow. base. blush, lip color and gloss. She then inspects for neatness, no slutty looking make-up, and then am reprimaned for things I have done through the week. I am tied with hands above my head, blindfolded and made to wait for her to come back. At this time I am scolded and told I will be whipped on the thighs and caned on the ***. The skirt is tucked up beneath my apron strings and the cane starts about 10-15 whacks. The quirt comes next about the same on my thighs. I am made to  wait to think about it then released. I start with the dishes, then the kitchen stuff, then the floor. All the while doing laundry, washing changining over to dryer. The bathroom is next, the bed room after, then fold all the clothes. Most of the day this takes and my feet are the most sorest. When finally done to her approval  am made to lay face down on the bed not tied or anything. She then pulls up my skirt and gives me 10 of each from the quirt and the cane. Now I must do her feet, remove old polish, srub, masage oil, file and new polish. The hands are next and the rest is private between us. A day in my maids duty. Our marrige has never been better for now I no longer have this secrect between us.

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

does she make you shave your worthless **** or wax?<br />
i bet she checks to make sure you are hair free

Just got 20 this morning for telling her the wrong time. Wow talk about a wake up, it's far better than coffee, which I had to make and serve her in bed.