Was The Pain Worth It?

I kneel before my Master. He was in a foul mood today; what about? I know not. I surely hope it wasn’t me who displeased him. He paces in front of my kneeling form. Oh how I wish to look into is overly expressive eyes and seek the answer for myself. But a good sub I am, and continue to downcast my stare.

I am caught off guard by a backhanded slap to the right side of my face. Quickly I remove the grimace from my face, and hold my posture true. The sting subsides, and I can’t help but wonder why he has not spoken a word. I come out of my inner thoughts when I hear my name.

“-got. Maggot! I know you were thinking. You have yet to comply with my orders.” His voice is calm, but the threat of fury is laced thickly through out his words. Instantly, I drop to all fours, head bowing before his feet.

“I beseech you, Master. I was indeed thinking, but only on how best to serve thee. What is thy biding?” I ask in hopes of lessening my certain punishment. An exasperating exhale leaves his mouth.

He tells me again on what equipment and toys to fetch. After a few moments of scurrying around the room, I display the items in front of myself and reassume a kneeling position in front on him. “Good. Very good maggot.” His praise sends a shiver down my spine. I can already feel my ***** getting wet. I then wonder how his gorgeous **** is doing, but before I can have the image brought forth, I feel his hands on my shoulders from behind. I curse myself for not paying more attention. Quickly looking at the items on the floor, I see that the anal plug missing.

I can feel a slick finger touching the base of my spine. His left hand on my shoulder pushes me forward. My hands stay at my side as my face hits the rough carpet. If Master wanted me on all fours, he would have directed me to, and as he didn’t, I didn’t stand to correct my collision course with the floor. Now in a bowed form, I feel his right index finger is running along my crack, slowly crossing my quivering hole. Oh how I wish to just thrust backwards and feel the wriggling digit in my hot hole. But against all my screaming urges, I wait patiently.

A few more runs up and down across my anus and the sensation is gone. I groan slightly at the loss of that feeling, and am replied with a taut slap on the ***. “Don’t make any noise.” He commands me. I bite my lower lip. My lust for the impending punishment is growing. Juices from my ***** are trailing down my inner thigh. I contemplate the implements of moaning again, just to hear that slapping of my ***. Without thinking, a noise leaps from my throat.

Instantly, my head is yanked backwards as he pulls my hair tightly, lifting my torso off the ground. “I told you not to make any ******* noise!” he bellows as he yanks my hair with each syllable to emphasis his point. My nipples brush against the rough material of the rug, making them even harder. I bite my lip with more force, and I can taste a familiar metallic taste. Still, my body betrays me, and I whimper.

Before I had time to yelp my surprise, Master had flipped me onto my backside and had impaled himself into my unprepared hole. A painful scream touched my lips as a few tears streamed my cheeks. He is so lost in his rough pace he doesn’t feel my insides tear. If anything, the blood has made it easier. Acting as a lube, he can push his **** further, his balls slapping roughly against my rear. I try not to struggle, but the burn is so intense.

His movements are becoming irregular. He is getting close; I can feel his sac drawing upwards. And then his command hits my ears; “I want you to *** for me love.” My mind is in utter bewilderment. ‘*** for you? Are you serious?!’ My inner mind screams in frustration. How does anyone find this pleasurable?

The answer is, is that I do, or rather, I have to. I shut the logical part of my brain out, quieting its’ screaming voice. My breathing quickens. “Can I touch myself?” I ask, hoping for his approval. A short grunt was all I needed before my right hand shot in between our sweating bodies. My middle finger reaches my **** and a gasp escapes my mouth. Rubbing hard, I bring myself to the edge quickly, and wait for my next instruction. He can see it in my face, the way that I wriggle below him; he knows I’m ready.

With two more deep thrusts, I feel his warm seed shoot strings inside my swollen and abused hole.

“***.” With that one word, I release the coil that had wound itself within my pelvis. I ***, letting it trickle from my folded lips. He pants hard as his head flops into my chest. He waits out his ****** before pulling his sated **** from me. I hiss with discomfort as a slight pop sound was heard. Blood and ***** trickle out of my torn ***. I hurt unbelievably.

Standing before me, he snaps his fingers. I get into the kneeling position in front of him. Knowing what he wants, I begin licking his limp ****, sucking off the now drying blood and ***** mixture. The taste is less then satisfactory, but as a good sub, I must clean up my mess. I feel his hands running through my hair, rubbing my scalp. He pulls me off of him, and walks out of the room.

His last words before leaving the room ring in my ears. “I love you maggot. But don’t ever make me do that again.”

Was the pain worth it?



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TiEnya TiEnya
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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

It was an understanding we both had...we both got off from pain. And yes, at that point in my life I was absolutely dedicated to him. Things got out of control fairly quickly though, and the story does not have a happy ending, unfortunately. But there were a lot of good experiences with him, and I hope that I can continue to post them here and in other groups; the good, the bad, and the erotic :P