Again, I Found Myself Like This

Again, I found myself like this.


My back is flat to the bed: arms and legs pulled to the corners of the bed. The only item I wear are the panties he has provided me with. My vision is blocked by a blindfold and a set of rifle guards cover my ears. A large ball gag in my mouth makes breathing difficult, seeing as how I have a cold and stuffed up nose. I remind myself to take slow, deep breaths. Keeping calm will get me through this.


My back arches as he trails a finger down between my exposed breast, and yet further down across my stomach, stopping short at my mound. I yearn for his touch. It lets me know I’m alive.


I feel the sting of a set of rapid slaps on my breasts. I want to hear the sharp smuck of skin contact, but the damn ear defenders won’t let any sound penetrate. My chest rises and falls as I get excited, and I have to remind myself that my stuffed nose won’t let any oxygen in. Trying to bite the ball to give me some air flow only proves futile. I centre my thoughts, bringing my breathing back to a regular pace.


By this time, I know he has figured out my mind, as he has stopped touching me. I wait for the next assault of slaps, but they don’t come. I wait longer, expecting something, anything! And yet…nothing.


My mind races. What game is my Master playing now? My breathing picks up as my adrenalin pulses throughout my body. I’m getting light headed from the lack of air in my lungs. Curse this stuffed nose and cold! And then…a different kind of cold. I feel a cold breeze sweep across my body. Did he open a window? It’s the middle of the winter, and I feel the cold setting into the room. I shake my head side to side to see if I can shake off the ear defenders, but to no avail.


It has to be several hours later. I realize that he is no longer in the room. He must have gotten bored with me and left for the evening. I shake not only because of the cold, but the utter loneliness I feel. A tear streams from my eye. I can feel the cold nip at the wet trail the tear has left. I let my head fall back, and ease into an unfruitful sleep.


How long has it been now? Has he forgotten about me? I have to go to the bathroom so badly. But I know I have to hold it. I cannot wet my Masters bed. But as I flex the muscles to hold it in, I realize just how horny and unsatisfied I really am. A moan escapes my throat. I am immediately aware of my Maters presence as a whip is laced across my chest. I freeze. All my muscles are stiff. How long has he been there? Has he been waiting all this time? How long has it really been?


My mind races. Thoughts rush through my mind and again my breathing picks up. Remembering my predicament, I try to slow my beating heart and rising chest, but to no avail. My mind panics as I try to breath. I begin to hyperventilate around the ball gag. That is until I feel his hand on my cheek.


He gently caresses my face. I can feel the stark contrast of his warmth on my cooled skin. Nuzzling into the warmth, he removes his hand and slaps my face. I should have known better then to move without permission. My breathing will not slow, and I can’t help the wiggling and struggling. My hands clench and release.


My breath hitches as I feel the side snap of the gag release. I thank all that is holy that he understood I was nearing my limit. Sweet air rushes into my oxygen deprived lungs. It burns like fire. The cold air causes me to cough in reflex. He takes this moment to get on the bed and straddle my head, allowing him to slip his hardened **** into my mouth. Grabbing my hair to anchor my head, he begins thrusting deeply. I gag, spittle drooling from around his girth, down the sides of my neck.


With my body still tied down, I have no choice but to endure. He is kneeling on top of me, while he holds most of his weight up by his arms on the bed frame, there is still enough pressure from his bottom and thighs on my upper chest and neck.


I’m beginning to get a euphoric high from the lack of oxygen. My throat muscles slacken, and my body begins to relax. Master notices as well, and slows his brutal pace. He finally withdraws and completes himself with an unsatisfied grunt and he **** on my breasts. He looks down at my limp form, a disapproving snarl set in place. He removes the ear defenders and blind fold.


I can hear him say my name, but I cannot respond. My body is not reacting anymore. A quick slap to the left side of my face, and my eyes focus. I move my head to see my Master. I have clearly upset him now. I recieve another slap for making eye contact. I roll my gaze to stare at the ceiling.


“As part of your punishment Maggot, I will be leaving you here for another twelve hours. Do you understand this Maggot?” he asks in his calm voice that he reserves for when he is truly displeased. As his ***** congeals and cools on my chest, I begin to shiver again. My body takes this time to remind me of my needs.


“Ba-bathroom?” My weak voice pleads. This small single word has amused my Master, and I am unsure of whether his is scarier now or two minutes ago.

“No. You must be a good Maggot and hold it. Make a mess, and I will have to worsen your punishment.” He placed the ear defenders and blind fold back in place. With that reminder in place, he promptly turned on his heels and left me.


I throw my head back in despair, as I can hear his words echo in my mind. Twelve hours? What was I to do? Maybe I can sleep it off? I tried to calm myself with my internal thoughts, but only worsen my case. My bladder throbs. My body shakes. And my hands and feet are numb.


After a long debate with myself, my body finally gives in, and I urinate myself. Feeling the immediate relief, my mind scolds me. It doesn’t take long for the liquid to chill, causing in turn to chill my body further. I cannot help the tears that run from my eyes. I was so cold, and I broke my Master’s rules. I shake harder while fear courses through my body. My last thought was that I was unfit to serve my Master, and I understood the consequences that were to follow.


Eventually, I get to a point where I am too cold to shiver. I have become numb all over. My mind is peaceful. There are no sounds for my ears, no site from my eyes, and nothing to feel on my skin. I drift into the welcoming unconsciousness.  

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

No. He was none too pleased to see that I had finally passed out. While he did undo my bindings and let me recover from this scene, I surly made up for it on his next three visits.

wow, very good story. i like how you write. the reader can really see what's going on and feel what's happening. good job :O intense....! But i'm sure that Master wasn't too pleased when he returned...