Ode To Duct Tape

Ode to duct tape

Duct tape, duct tape, all around
duct tape, duct tape holds this one down

hold this one tight, hold this one firm
Awaiting Masters touch this one yearns.

Held so snug as though wrapped in a rug.
This one knows its useless to tug.

cannot move, cannot struggle.
Toss this one around she is Yours to juggle.

duct tape duct tape holds this one to her fate.
This one awaits for her Master to take

duct tape, duct tape holding so tight
this one knows she cannot fight

Duct tape, duct tape no matter your colour
to be trapped by you is like a favour
no matter the colour
so much the same flavour

duct tape, duct tape
a firm held friend
cannot break of bend
it never lets go
this we all know
no matter the struggles
the tries and attempts
duct tape holds firm
nobody is exempt
try as one might to move like a worm
one cannot get far
like a bug trapped in a jar

duct tape, duct tape holds so true
duct tape, duct tape this is an ode to you.

written by T.C.'s ****
stacey4u2luv stacey4u2luv
36-40, F
May 18, 2012