I Am A Succubus

Do you know how scary it is to hear thoughts in your head in your own voice but know they aren't your own? Do you know how scary it is finding out it's not some elaborate game of dungeons of dragons but a real thing? It feels like I am losing my mind and losing myself. The first thing I think of when I see someone of the opposite sex is what it would be like to seduce them, and what method would be most effective for doing so. My kisses make a man dizzy, my touch makes them weak in the knees. I've been a heart breaker without meaning to be, I feel like such a contradiction. One side of me is quiet, shy, and innocent. A hopeless romantic and good hearted person. The other side of me is cold and cruel, knowing all the ways to get whatever I want and having no qualms about being a relentless, heartless sex fiend to get them. I am so confused right now, I don't know anything for sure anymore, but I do know that if you tell some you have a 447 year old demon borderline possessing you, you will get several dirty looks, can anyone relate to this or am I alone here?
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Oh yeah ?
If u Demons How much Powerfull Why u Not Ruling Over us ?
Hiding between Us like weakling rats
if u dare fight with us i bet my soul u will Fall aginst might of humanity We will Crush u like little bugs
ok posses who ever u want but it is belion of us out there u cant do that to all of us
just remember when a human fall another will rise aginst u
ur sexuality stuffs dosent scare me mindless wertcheds
we are true master of nature we can Destroy earth with nuclear weapons
Soon we will rule Over whole Universe
Do what sexuality u can beaten DOG !!!!
i Already summon One u And feel sucking energy but in the name of god i can feel my energy is back and u can do nothing to stop me
i will finaly Make something To END your vile race Once and For All
And we will see who will laugh at last When The World Comes to An end u endless journey will comes to an end
i will see my succubus in hell and we will settle the score between us
if God let me i will make her suffer personaly

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I completely relate and understand! For me sex is like nutrition. I thought I was going crazy! But I've begun to research and practise techniques. Certain men I've found give more....sustenance then others. I also find that large gatherings can energize me, but not like sexual contact. I've begun to learn about shielding and communicating with what I perceive as an aspect of the Goddess. Call her Kali, Lillith, Hecate.....She came to me one night when I was feeling particularly hopeless. She saved me. Renewed me. Opened my eyes to the other side of reality. I turned to drugs,alcohol, food in the past ,all in an attempt to hide from the pain and emptiness I had always felt inside. I was writing suited letters when I was 9!, I literally just stopped needing drugs when I finally accepted what I was. I never thought of it as being possessed but on reading this I can honestly say, it is like sharing my body and mind with another being. She takes over during sex. I'm there but I'm not me. I'm not shy or timid or sweet. I'm a goddess. Down side she has a crazy bad temper, but its very protective of me. Doesn't like me being pushed around or bullied. I would like to give her a bit more control, when she's at the wheel. I feel safe, protected and powerful. Can anyone help me with ritual or invocations to help her come out more?

I know exactly how you feel

I know exactly what you mean. I've been dealing with this for as long as I can remember. I've been learning, now, what all this is, and have actually made contact with the spirits. But, It's so damn confusing. Like you said lol.Feel free to message me if you want.

Real succubus here.
Metamorphosis happened after I tried to use a sex spell to get back at my abusive ex husband.
**** happens.
If you want to talk about my experiences get a hold of me

Very interesting

I can relate..

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I wonder if there's any in Nevada like its hot there so they might not want to get hot a lot more ways then 1 wink** sex joke

Is it wrong to want to meet a succubus or incubus.... I really do and Ill do whatever they would like.

Your not alone I'm a real Succubus vampire as well your not alone everything is going be alright trust me :) !

wait is that ture

Hi sooooooooo I'm a succubus too! When my body's owner was really young I possed her and took her body. For a while we lived in the same body and we were sorta friends I guess...? We argued over stuff until one day she told me that she couldn't stand it anymore and she wanted me to expel her from her own body, apparently having both of us here hurt her. So I explained to her that if I were to take her out of this body she'd never be able to return, never the less she still wanted to go through with it. I banished her hoping that I would fail or not have enough magic and she'd still be there to talk to me... My hopes were wrong and I banished her, that was when she was about 10 now I know I'm a "demon" but I was still kinda sad to not have her around anymore, and since we shared a body she took about half my memories and I took about half of hers, I had forgotten I was a succubus until this mortal body had turned 14 that is when I remembered. Unlike some of you I feel no remorse or guilt when I suck the life source of boys and girls, humans are just useless tool to me. Now some might say that that's heartless but hey I'm only demon after all.

i feel the same way your not alone . i feel interested alot in sex since i was little like way little. saducing men seems to easy but i dont mean to do it i feel like theres another part of me doing it all im quiet, shy, and innocent. A hopeless romantic and good hearted person too always have been along with my other half whos cold hearted could care less feels that humans are beneath me and men are toys or of no use to me. but succubus have one goal in life truly and its to find there soul mate its not easy but is possible iv found mine and he keps me bounded to his soul so now i just use all urges on him and he loves it.

Can it start off at a young age too? I have that affect on people as well and I'm only 18. I have many people following me and I can't control my hunger some times like I feel I can't get enough

yes it can same way with me

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I am not a succubus but have had encounters with incubuses since I was around 7,when I'm horny and messing around with men I go to sub space and start looking around idk y, and I growl, and exhale into my partners mouth....it's weird

it's not actually an exhale. It's an inhale. You're sucking out chi/spiritual energy

I feel like it may be possible that im a succubus. Here is why:
#1 guys practically drop to there knees when meeting me.
#2 guys do whatever i say whenever i say it without objecting. Even if they dont know me.
#3 i am a sex fiend and whenever i see someone of the opposite sex and even same sex i think of ways to seduce them.
#4 basically i just know. But idk how. Like its the same with my mother but we are both really ugly. Yet guys and even GIRLS find us extremely attractive.
#5 people want me. They want me want me.

... so... get over it?

Ur not alone I'm no succubus but I know some and I'm not
an adult but I'm not always afraid of succubuses I know a lot iv seen alot it seen people not really mortall I'm not afraid of demons I'm afraid of myself what I am I'm not a demon but I scese things far more powerful than A sucubiss which scares me its a holow there are two types one is fiction the other can erase anyones mind I'm nocternal but I have weaknesses like the way your touch affect works on men well my body acts a little different I can't stay awake if a girl touches me for more than 20 seconds im usually enemies with vampires you can't find them unless you reveal them many other things are out there but holows ha-lows they don't die if you make them angry there eyes can change color and glow if you meet one RUN they don't die they are shadows and darkness I'm only 14 and i have seen more than I can explain

everything can die.

I'm a male succubus
And feel what you feel as well

incubus would be the word you're looking for. Even if your soul feels like a different gender at the moment, you are what you are in this life. I was a man for so many lives...but I'm a woman now.

I am posessed with Succabus. I am quiet and nice. My touch melts men and my oral sex has men begging for more. My vagina is tight and gloves a penis to the core. I have gotten death threats because I have no emotional attachment to sex partners. I am able to have sex and move on. I was married and never cheated, but my ex-husband also had succabus. I've seen demons in the room when I've had sex, and I have even caught myself off guard making demonic looks. I am attracted to men and women. I can play between couples and have. I have been in the middle of people and they have played tug a war with me. This was not a swinger relationship this was one on one. I am able to connect with anyone, there is no racial boundaries. I have had ********** but I prefer an ****. I watch ****, and most of all I look and seem very innocent but I am not. Last but not least my level of wisdom and knowledge is high and I have had sex with everyone I wanted to.

A female woman cannot be "possessed" by a succubus. Only Males could be "possessed"...and that would be their excuse for ******* them..even back in the 1600s. You are probably succubi. Learn to deal with it. "multiple personality" tricks can help with the voices. Trust me, I thought I was crazy for a long time

I've been lonely for a long time and I've tried to summon a succubus but haven't had any luck and I'm very shy but I've always wanted to meet a succubus in the form of a human and I'm tired of being lonely I just wish I could meet a succubus in human form if somebody would point a succubus my direction it would help I don't want to be alone anymore well I have parents but I want a real friend or lover to be with me so I don't have to always look up to my parents so if someone would help send a succubus my way I'd rather not have a invisible one I want in human form and sorry for my bad English I do this to be quicker and I'm american

... Succubuses are not objects or toys. They are being just like you, and saying you want one is poof enough you probably are not ready for one.

I have had similar feelings. I would love to talk more about this. It's weird, I can have sexual relations with a man & when he leaves me, he is suddenly married & doing great in life. What's odd is they say that they miss me & wish they had never left me. I am also shy, & quiet... A little iffy on the innocent part. I fight hard to suppress my desire.

Same thing with me except I'm a guy

I have to deal with the fact I have two demons in me a demon of resentment and a demon of passion, first I fall in love with almost every girl I meet the second is I get rejected by everyone as if im an outsider

I can most definitely relate to this. Please contact me privately so we can Talk about this.

What can you tell me about male human succubus's?

They're called Incubuses. I'm trying to find the reply button to OP because I have something I'd like to share. One exhausted me earlier, rather unexpectedly. Please capitalize Succubus. It was good, but I did not think I was attracted to women. I'm not certain if my Amazon training got through to her, but I believe we both learned something from the contact.

Elizabethmidnight is it? The name is Liam. An I'm a youth minister. For some reason I was looking this stuff up an I found you. I jus wanna help. If you allow me. I've had some spiritual encounters but not like yours. If your still around or if you wanna talk then here (562)208-7302 I'm a christian bye the way. I love you in Christ an I hope I hear from you.

I've had my share of succubi and they no affect on me. Like you, I do carry an entity... one of the Seven Archangels. Uriel but changed it by adding a Y. We're actually looking for Lilith's Mirror, let us know. She actually helped Yuriel get out of Hell, we're looking for her mirror as a favor. Living with something like takes a toll, but controlling it iz half the battle... Good luck with her {@}-->--

i can relate and would like to maybe talk and become friends because i have been told i am part succubus

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I have the same symptoms, I'm perfectly fine with it, but it is hard to deal with at times, I've randomly broken up with two boyfriends, one the first one when I was in high school, we were together for 8 months, second one was for 2 years. I don't want relationships anymore, I'm afraid of hurting another.

Sometimes I thought it was extreme narcissism and severe emotional distress however now I think about it and it seems very odd how I can anticipate the desires of men and women. As I read this article and the responses there are striking similarities, I even have a favorite kind of "prey" being extremely good natured men. All I can think about is seduction when I meet new people no matter their appearance or situation. I try very hard to reign it in but it's as though some deviant predator takes over my senses. I see some referring to a "voice" but it's like a whole other creature living within me. Last night I was with a man who I genuinely care for and it was a vicious struggle to not take advantage of him. Despite being without make-up and in jeans and a T-shirt he was completely enamored. As he leaned in to kiss me I had to physically hold back and that darker part of me did NOT like that. I started shaking uncontrollably and became very frustrated and aggressive which for some reason he was even more spellbound by it. This is so very difficult to live with and I thought it would dissipate with age. It seems stronger and more mature, is there anyone out there who can explain what's happening to me and possibly point me to a solution?

That's not so bad, at least you aren't visiting people astrally and taking sexual energy from them. its in your nature, its apart of you, sorry but you can't just say you aren't going to be you. Some of us are born with succubal and seductive traits. You can fight it or embrace it.

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I'm a male with a succubus, however my succubus attracts females - my feminine nature attracts the masculine nature in women. Animus and Anima; Yin and Yang - sexuality is quite interesting - even on spiritual level.

I myself is like this but however I do hear voices telling me to do things I can't find them quite well but or just wanting something and being able to get it no matter how many hearts i breakwhen I kiss someone they get dizzyor when they look into my eyesit's almost like a perswad them to do anything I can do this is both sexesI break hearts even though I don't attend to..... and there is no doubt that I am a succubus and now I'm filled with rage and I've hurt a lot of people and no regret I'm tired of being pushed around

I had this weird experience last night with my girlfriend. We've been dating for about a month and things have been really intense sexually since the beginning. She came onto me really hard at a party, even though she knew I was kinda seeing one of her friends. Our first kiss was so passionate and sent chills through my whole body. Sometimes I feel lightheaded after a passionate make out session.

When we have sex, I feel as though I'm outside by body. Her touch makes me shiver with bliss and makes my body convulse. I've really enjoyed our sexual energy until last night.

We were kissing on the lawn and she just kinda took me over and was kissing me so hard. My eyes were closed, but in my head, I could see her sucking energy out of me. I could see my energy field getting smaller and hers growing. It really scared me and I pulled back and laid down on my back. She asked me if I was ok and I said I needed a minute, but inside, I was really terrified.

We have a really strong connection in multiple ways, but as I start thinking about things, I wonder if she has just been after my energy. When we make love, I feel as though things are reciprocal, but now I'm starting to doubt things. She's also said that when she's having physical pain, if I touch her there, the pain instantly goes away. She also says she never has nightmares when she sleeps in my arms.

I don't know what to do. I don't want to end things with her, but I'm scared. I have so many lofty personal goals that I want to achieve and I'm worried that spending time with her could prevent me from progressing towards those goals. I've never had such a strong physical and emotional connection with someone, so I don't just want to end things because I usually feel really happy with her.

Should I just figure out how to set better boundaries so I keep a majority of my energy for myself? We have a great communication, so do I tell her about this experience? If I do, how do I talk about it without sounding completely crazy or making her look/feel bad about what is happening energetically for me?

I think your girlfriend is an energy vampire, so it's not her fault that she suck your energy, i think she do this involuntary. All she have to do is to learn how to control her powers. Good luck! ;)

She most likely has no idea, based on your story. If she doesn't know, don't tell her. Coming to grips with what/who you are is a personal journey and should never be attached to romance. If you are happy, and you love her. stay. There are plenty of online resources to help you learn to bone up your defenses against "attacks". But know this....
You will have to feed her. Or someone else will. If she is succubi, she will need regular feeding, but you can both figure out how to do this in a safe way, that doesn't deplete you entitrely

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its weird but I thought I was the only one. when either sex locks eyes with me its hard for them to resist or look away even if they want. when I see someone I want I get this feeling that isn't satisfied til I had then and then I feel re-energized. Sometimes I can feel the change and sometimes it speaks to me asking if I wanna be free. My body is so warm im told but I feel so cold and after the exp sometimes I don't remember it or I felt like I was there and helpless..sometimes I can see thru its eyes when it takes over . Ive wondered by im now 35 and still look the same since Ive been 19 around the time I started having these feeling however ive felt other force and seen things since I was a kid

Please help!!!
I have said for many years that i am cursed with men, because i hate to say its hard to resist me, and easy to fall in love with me, which has caused some hurtful trouble. i only thought well i say thought... something told me in my head it said your a succubus. so today i thought id research seeing as i didn't know what one was, and the fact i kept hearing that word in my head. iv only just started looking at my past, its seriously hard for me to stay faithful with ex. apart from my current partner. but we have sex a hell of alot. he is very tired after where as i am , well figure of speech feel more alive, even if i was so tired before. he cant stop kissing me etc says he goes into his own little world when we kiss. I've had the same with exs, but everything goes wrong, sex was all.constant with exs but they said i became horrible like a split personality at times.

Also id like to add. my partner thinks my body is boiling hot all the time, but to me i feel so cold, but warm up as soon as he touches me. he says my sex drive is like im on heat like a cat 24/7.

I am one too. I don't think it is about being a possessed though. It is just who you are. I like to think of the colder more ruthless side as the crankiness that comes with being hungry. We aren't monsters. We are just different.

Just to add something...my husband does not know of what I am even tho he can sense it I'm sure. Also at times I have been so utterly freezing unable to get warm without the touch of a man.

I discovered I am a Succubus a few years ago. I did not know what was wrong with me. Everytime I got near a man my body felt like it was on fire and overly alive. Like I needed him now or I would surely die...but of course I did not act on these desires at first. It didn't happen with all men...mostly men of a certain scent or something. I find myself staring hungrily at several men I work with. But I am married so I do not act on my hunger. I get massive headaches and body aches if I don't satisfy my craving...but my husband as strong as he is even complains of feeling very weak and simply drained of energy many times for several days after sex with me. I feel bad like maybe feeding on other men would do us both good but I can't help but think that as betraying him. I also have found myself also craving some women but not nearly as strong as strongly as I do men. I have a really bad temper especially when it comes to being turned down for sex. There has been some men that claim they practically have felt like I put them in a trance or something and felt as if I was draining them but the feeling was so satisfyingly good they didn't want to stop even after they were spent. I am always careful not to take too much...that's why I usually allow the male to be in control so I can't hurt them. -Poison2Men

how can you be a succubus, if you are mortal? Succubus are spirits, but can possess a human host. Are you possessed by a demon or spirit?... Succubus can travel thru different locations to be with humans. Do you have this ability?

If one can Astral project then yes they should be able to travel and feed

I can definitely relate..at first I wasn't sure if I was alone but now I can see that I'm not. It's so hard to not act on these feelings but when I don't I feel weak. I know it's "morally" wrong but at the same time...I really don't care.

I'm the same way, but male. I've learned to give energy back, sort of like in a loop. I do try to get most of my energy from trees, which are cleaner anyway. :) But I have to admit, it's at least both the forest (which helps quite a bit) and at least sitting, talking, and flirting.

I know how you feel i have been so weak trying not to feed... my boyfriend is always complaining he doesnt feel well and i know it is from me. I crave sex the sweet taste of him as i feed... i been trying eating candy or somethin but it only makes the craving worse... I feel like im going insane...

I'm going through the same thing. My boyfriend is trying to figure out what is wrong and I feel kind of bad about it. It's just so so sweet and I feel energized and perfect but like you I tried to curve these cravings and it has only made them worse :/

You aren't alone. For me, not too long ago I had a very scary thing happen. I seriously hurt my lover to the point I almost killed him. I still can't get over it. The only thing that I have heard was a voice inside of me screaming (almost wailing) because I did not believe what I am. When I started believing, the voice started to calm down as if I had stopped causing it pain. I feed too much sometimes and really hurt my lover. I do not know how to control it and I always am thinking about sex. Mostly the act of feeding thru sex. I feel like I am going insane all the time. When I ignore what I am, it starts to mentally torment me mentally and physically. If I do not feed for a while I start getting headaches and body pains. I get weaker and ppl start looking steaks to me after a while...I know that sounds weird but its true. That's just scratching the surface...

If you are a succubus, then you have the ability to travel thru space and visit humans in their sleep. How can you confirm to us that you are indeed born of a demon union? You might be mentally sick.. being a succubus, writing here as a mortal, is hard to believe.

You are not alone ;)

like i said if anyone wants to know more about themself anthonybrownx198069@hotmail.com email me and we can talk

I'd like to get to know you as you continue your journey anthonybrownx198069@hotmail.com
So can we talk?

I can't relate but you are welcome among my crowd and we can teach you to how to survive in this world as fae so you can live if you want email anthonybrownx198069@hotmail.com

I am an incubus. I am also a witch I've been practicing witchcraft for several years but when I lost my virginity 2 years ago bam now I can suggest ideas and ppl do them for me. Ppl want me around them I can also enter dreams not meaning to but ppl will tell me I've had a sex dream with u n ill know every detail. When I was awaken or whatever I also gained a new spirit guide a succubus who frankly scares me but she has also been a big help. Witches run through my family but I know nothing bout this incubi part of me

Omg. This is me to a t. Like I seriously thought I was just crazy. Everything you typed happens and has happened . I fight through it every day and it has ruined so many relationships I never wanted to ruin. And the guys end up staying in love with me for months even years after I accidentally broke their hearts. It's like I love the feeling of knowing I could have any of them back whenever I want to. But at the same time I hurt them all , and did things to get my way with all of them. I don't realize it till after it's been done and I've gotten whAt I've wanted. I want to love and not deal with this and live normally. But it's ******* hard to tame this other ******* side

you cant break my heart this wolf mates for life

Let me help out all of you on your road to self-discovery. What you call being a succubus or incubus is a personality disorder. It means you are a sociopath. Screwing people over and feeling no remorse is one of the major indicators when in the context of doing so without a second thought for the other people.

For the women, be careful. One time you might not be so lucky and a man you screw might decide to pay you back by stalking and brutalizing you or worse for doing ill deeds to him. To the men, the same applies. There is nothing stopping a woman from taking revenge.

take heed what you say cause in real life there are things that go bump in the night and the day you go and fall in love with a succubi vampire werewolf or otherwise and you try and brutalize them or any of your friends try to the fae will kill this human no matter what and make that person disappear why do you think people disappear alot?

well, I believe you need to try speaking to the other side of you. Learn about it. Once you both come to terms...It won't be a burden. Like me same sitch... Try to learn it's name. have talks to it. try bringing it out and having it in real world normal things. such as hanging out with friends. even try learning some of its favorite things. let it try different foods. the good stuff in life. try teaching it there are other things worth doing. explain why you you feel bad or good about something.

fae cant just walk around the human world like that so dont teach a fae to walk around humans

I understand the feeling, though from a different side, I suppose. I have never had any interest in romance or love, and have been jaded for as long as I can remember, but I have always been very sexual, and seem to be very enticing. Men and women alike always stare at me and I often have strangers who flat out tell me that I am beautiful, or sexy. I have always been very good at using my sexuality to influence people, and in the bedroom, whether I am with a man or a woman, they are putty in my hands.All it takes is a touch, just a brush of skin against skin, and I can feel... something like an electric charge, between me and my "prey".I take in this energy during sexual encounters, whether it's just touching, kissing, sex, etc. and it charges me up. As a matter of fact, if I go too long without "feeding", I actually begin to experience severe fatigue, migraines, tremors, and physical pain in my torso.Being a succubus can occasionally be a challenge, but I have found that the benefits easily outweigh the disadvantages.I have never gotten a speeding ticket......

before you go out and feed like this how about you get in contact with me i can get you in touch with other fae that are just like you but different species and you wont have to drain your prey

anthonybrownx198069@hotmail.com email me

Everything you wrote is me 100% I am also what I consider a "third gender" and both sexes are attracted to me.

I understand what you are feeling, it also happens to me like all the time. I’m a guy and sometimes I can’t handle it, I’ve been goggling how to control it but no one seems to know... if someone knows how to handle this please help me ! My grandma used to tell me that it was inherited from her and I couldn’t control my instinct she told me that this power comes with so much more than just absorbing energy, she also said it’s a gift to be more than human.
If you need someone to talk please contact me !!!

I could use someone to helo me figure out what I am before I end up hurting those I love

i can help you figure out what you are and how to control your power

i can help all of you fae come to terms with what you are and help you in controlling your power

look dude. stop perv trolling. you and your lost girl arnt helping. girls this is a prime example of how women with high sex drives can easily be abused. "i can help all of you fae come to terms with what you are and help you in controlling your power" in order to do that this man would recommend sex with him to all of you. claiming he can show you how to control it. if you want to control it, limiting sexual activities is far better for you.

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very interesting

No one will truly understand us unless they are a succubus or have experienced something with succubi. I have learned to control my power for the most part and even use it to my advantage. Growing up I got away with everything just from the look in my eyes and I use that to help my life even today. What we are is not a problem, we are special and should embrace this. Only then can you fully use your powers:)

but there is one thing you sex demons have to understand is that your powers arent to be abused you may have come to terms to what you are but you have to know you are more than meets the eye and that other fae wouldnt like you abusing your power to move up in life

I actually cried reading this. I've been this way for as long as I can remember. And I'm still very young. I'm Constantly fighting with myself. Exhausting myself. I was scared for the longest time. I thought I was all alone.. Everyone I tried to talk to thought I was crazy. They tried to lock me up and they put me on anti phycotics. I thought I was alone and that I'd always be. For awhile I've had control.. But it seems as though I'm losing it. I hope someone will talk to me..

Oh my goodness, I used to think I was the only one! I detest being alone, I'm a hopeless romantic, I want to love...I love a man and he loves me to death, but I'm not contended :( I want all the men to be by my side, I make sure they see only a hot, curvy girl in me and nothing else. I end up cheating easily, effortlessly :( I'm at my best behaviour when I have hots for a guy and I love to seduce men. I even end up getting attention at times I'm not even for it! I don't mind making girls jealous of me, its like.....when I'm getting some guy's attention and sex, I'm all rosy, happy and red with health! But the moment I come across another man, I just take off! :( I don't know why i do whatever i do but i just end up doing it...! Absence of sex, affection, attention makes cranky and snappy...i feel great while making out and after it, but otherwise, I am all messed up and moody and cold, if this doesn't happen for a long time... :( I hurt people with things I say and I regret it only after I've had my way out..and I make sure things happen my way (although i feel so bitched up about them later) I easily end up giving into temptations and right now I'm sleeping with a guy who already has a gf, I feel bad about her but at the same time, I feel awesome about myself..I love, like LOVE to make him all worked up and exhausted. I SERIOUSLY get a high at having guys submitting to me. But you know, I don't have sex or make out with just anyone. I carefully scrutinize whom I want to take up...I'm a calculative, manipulative person...I used to think I was PMSing permanently, but now I know I am just like my ladies <3 I feel much better now. Thank you!

Uhmmm I a guy but im the same way. Im gay and i notice that i attract both girls and guys of all sorts without trying. And people fall for me really quickly, and I mean hard. People actually fall in love with me. And just like you i have times where i just want and I know how to manipulate and get what I want. Its wierd. Can someone explain this to me? Im not a girl exactly so am I like y'all or am I something else?

A male succubus is called an incubus and I am in the same boat as you dude

This is kind of weird to explain. I mean I know we're pretty difficult to be understood by people..you might be a human incubus (the male half of succubus) ..but I'm hardly sure about myself, let alone you :) hehe...maybe we're just bad *******!

wow that interesting and exciting

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HAHA! I have a friend that fits this archetype/otherkin PERFECTLY! She was sleeping with my boyfriend, while trying to seduce me, and she had three boyfriends of her own (who didn't know about each other) and she was also casually seducing other men and women. To thine own self be true. She's a lovely woman, although I wouldnt trust her as far as I could throw her. In fact I wouldn't trust her enough to pick her up to throw her in the first place. But she's a genuinely lovely person.

I have tried to find a succubus who I can love and be loved and share my life with. But have not been able to find any. if ther anyone who can help me I would be very grateful. I'm serious about this and ask for help from those who know how to do this in order to succeed in finding a wonderful succubus that I can share my life with forever.

I feel the same way. I don't know why I do the things I do. But it hurts part of me. The other part of me would like to roll around in it like a cat in catnip. It scares me sometimes. I've tried sexual addiction therapy, psychologists, psychiatrists, religion. But I hear this voice. It sounds like my " head voice" but the thoughts aren't mine. At least I hope not. I think of sex with everyone when I meet them no matter what race weight or gender. It disgusts and elates me. I feel like a *****. But I can't make it stop. After I have sex with someone I actually feel powerful. And I always get my way with them afterwards. If I stay with someone and attempt a relationship, they loose there original self. 3 men I have had sex with have attempted suicide one or multiple times after I leave them. If you know a fix for this please please let me know. And know that you aren't alone.

I know how it feels to be like this. I don't quite understand what I am but I have the same constant battle between my shy, quiet nature and my cold, calculating side. I'm a good hearted girl with this dark, sexual side that comes out and it's confusing.

I am a succubus!Big time!

You are not alone!I feel the same way.I just love seducing men and women.I am a heartbreaker when i want to be. I'm a very nice person,but i feel like having sex all the time and stealing peoples sexual energy.I am very good at spiritual sex and draining sexual energy.I don't like being this way,but i have to except it.

your not alone i have three spirts two are high level demons and one is a 400 year old female assassain that happens to be japanesee and i a 24 year old white male

Wow... I thought I was just a complete messed up person. Thanks for posting this. Atleast I'm not alone :)

No succubus should live with empty hearts and overwhelming power,it is only natural to embrace who you truly are.I,myself,am no succubus yet I know the pain and suffering of feeling alone.I am different from others,yet I am also the same as others as well.Whether a succubus is male or female,they should embrace themselves for who they are and have hope that there is someone willing to do the same.I,myself,am such a person for I believe that a succubus has just as much a right as a human to find happiness and I'd be willing to help any who seek it.

FYI, the male counterpart of a succubus is called an incubus.

you should not worry, you're not alone. it's natural that you feel that way, you haven't actually gained domain over your power, but you will and you will learn how to control it... know what you feel and what you've been through, i am a succubus too and i deal with this kind of demon every day... my boyfriend is also a succubus and he was the one to show me what i was and to teach me to control my powers. you shoul look for someone, like a master, to help you on doing so... do not worry, being like us is not as bad as you think ;)

Only women are succubi. Your boyfriend is an incubus.

You sound like me. I am afraid I am just like you. I don't want to be alone either. Is this REALLY what's going on? It seems far-fetched and crazy...maybe we've just got mental disorders...or maybe we are normal. Heh. I WANT to be satisfied...but I'm not unless I'm seeking...and conquering...And I do believe it happens in my dreams just as often...because I wake up not refreshed or fulfilled, but tired with a "hunger"...I don't even know how to explain it!!

I always thought I was alone. That other people like me didn't exist all of you share my same experiences down to a T. Ever since puperty I've struggled with these urges the thrill I get from seducing men the void that makes me feel hungry. How can I control it us there anyway I'm still very young what do I do? Do I just embrace it?

I am vampiric, and a succubus. You are not alone, and I know how difficult it can be at times. I try to view it as a gift as much as I can, but I often wonder if a partner actually ever loves me.. It results in feeling loneliness often. <br />
I will agree with a previous post, regarding finding solace in a polyamorous lifestyle. Also, I have found a home among the vampiric community. There are many others like us..<br />
In the moment, I am exhilarated by inducing a dream-like atmosphere in a person's mind, invoking lust, and digging my pranic claws deep into their excitement.. I almost can't help myself..<br />
But after I usually can't help but feel like.... Well, like some sort of demon. <br />
<br />
I wish you luck in your ventures. <br />
Just remember that you are beautiful... And as dark as your path may seem, only the most brilliant lights cast the deepest shadows.

Guys...what is your problem? I am currently in a relationship with a succubus, and she is the love of my life...(not part succubus, the real deal, the actual non-physical being succubus) What is so wrong with being something that many don't have the chance to be? Summon an incubus, they will be able to handle what you can serve. Plus, it's possible the thoughts in your head that sound like you is actually a succubus or an incubus. It's one of the many ways they communicate with humans, i would know, I talk to one. <br />
<br />
At first it starts off as your voice, then it developes.<br />
Stop being such drama queens! Embrace your talents with the sexual world, i've had sexual relations with a succubus before, and still do regularly, any guy is lucky to be with you. It's a wonderful feeling, not to mention you're part of a world, and have access to the beings within it most people aren't even aware of, so i say once more. What the hell are you whining about?

i enjoyed reading these so much .....its nice to hear about succubi

To many succubus. I allways want to find one. One of you can visit me?

I know exactly how you feel...i got on the internet to look up if a person could become a succubus. i thought i was the only person who felt this way but i guess im not. i have a boyfriend who i love more than anything but i cant help wanting other men...i cant help but to give into temptation and cheat no matter how hard i try. lately ive been so overwhelmed with sexual frustration that i have started enjoy the same sex. i have morals...i only want to be with one person for the rest of my life and i want to only be attracted to men but when that feeling comes over me i lose who i am...i cant remember or think of anything but what i want sexually at that moment and i stop at nothing to get it. i hate it...it tears me up inside. one side of me knows its wrong and would never do something like this but the other side doesnt care and just needs to get her fix. i know i am being controlled by a succubus when i am around attractive people and she uses me to get what she wants. i may lose my soulmate because of her but no...youre not alone i know exactly how you feel!

I have found solace in a polyamorous lifestyle (also known as responsible non-monogamy). I can be open and honest about being intimate with and/or loving more than one person, and still have lasting and meaningful relationships. Fortunately for me, I don't get jealous easily.

Continuing with the "I" statements, I couldn't call someone my soulmate if they couldn't accept me entirely for who I am, horns and all.

(I am not a succubus... not exactly. I'll probably join and post a story about it.)

I feel the same way... It's really scaring me. All I want to do is stop hurting people... but at the same time, all I want to do is seduce them, which hurts them in the end. I hate myself for it.

Do not worry,you will meet a guy who accepts you and every woman who feels like she's a Succubus for who you are.I am just a guy who cares not if a girl is succubus or not,but cares for who she is.

Exactly :/

You are not. I have figured out, finally, that is what I am. I had the same experiences as you when i was single, I could literally seduce and suck the chi-energy of men and women.I had a lot of one-night stands. A lot of boyfriends, a lot of girlfriends who wanted me. I was tormented and often 'fed' on whole bars full of people at a time. Then I met my husband, and I have a constant source to my necessary energy exchange.I did not know my bloodline, but had experiences as a child that I believe helped guide me as best as possible.

How could I summon a succubus