True Nature

I am a Succubus and have known for quite awhile now. I have lured straight men and women including straight women to me. I strongly feed off of their energies sexually and mentally. It doesn't always involve contact, though it does strengthen the flow of energy. I have also caused men to cheat on whomever they where with just to feel me. Those where accidental. The person I am with had to have enough sexual energy and other energy among other things to keep from searching other places. So far the man I am with has given me al that I need and more due to his own specialization. We are both in love and staying strong in ourselves
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I can help you control your power if you want. Talk to you soon

lovely. I hope you all can keep each others appetites satisfied. Best wishes Wild D

No succubus should live with empty hearts and overwhelming power,it is only natural to embrace who you truly are.I,myself,am no succubus yet I know the pain and suffering of feeling alone.I am different from others,yet I am also the same as others as well.Whether a succubus is male or female,they should embrace themselves for who they are and have hope that there is someone willing to do the same.I,myself,am such a person for I believe that a succubus has just as much a right as a human to find happiness and I'd be willing to help any who seek it.

I'm sorry but I do not believe your claim not that I'm calling you a liar I just don't believe you