The Succubus Diet Plan

Because part of me has an uncontrollable desire to conform with society, I have tried multiple times to not feed on anyone. I have failed numerous times. Each time I try not to feed, everything bad happens in stages. First comes the unbelievably unbearable discomfort and almost painful hunger. Then after a while, the hunger stops and I feel absolutely nothing. Just when I think I am going to be okay, severe pain scorches my ovaries. I am talking ripping, sharp pain that makes menstrual cramps feel like nothing. After this, comes extreme dizziness, a false sense of euphoria, short naps that no one can wake you up from, and then insomnia. I don't yet know what comes after insomnia. I know this will not kill me, but it makes me feel like I am dying. I usually end up at the insomnia part within a month so this all happens at a pretty steady rate. For me at least. So! In order to at least lessen the stress from all of this, I have tried to experiment with different foods that could help with this. So far the most obvious and most effective solution is chocolate. Any kind of chocolate works from M&Ms to ice cream. Ice cream works best for me. The only issue I have is that I am allergic to chocolate. It temporarily helps with my pain and discomfort, and then makes it worse along with adding abdominal pain to the list. So I soon figured out that chocolate is not the best solution for me. So I kept trying new things. I have come to realize that fruit is also a great helper. Strawberries work best for me along with apples. Try to stay away from protein. Everyone is different, but protein gives me energy that makes my hunger worse. Look for something light when it comes to food. Light and sweet. Salty foods might work but they will dehydrate you quickly so drink a lot of water. If you want to physically feel full to distract your body from feeling that special kind of hunger but don't want to eat food, drink milk if you can. It makes you feel full without eating solid foods. I haven't noticed a change in the hunger itself, but the full feeling distracts me from it.

I hope these tips help. They help me but as I said before everyone is different so experiment yourself and see if anything works for you!
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Well i just found out i may be one. I have no idea how i do anything? Can anyone teach me how to feed

Well my first question would be, how does certain religions icons affects you, if they do, then congratulations you're a succubus. If they don't, then you might actually be something else (although those who have your similar issues, tend to inaccurately refer to themselves as succub, or in cubic if they are male). But it is just a suggestion.

Well i wrote a big write up hereā€¦
And they dont bother me just annoy me.
If you need more details pm me. I was talking to someone who said i may be an energy absorber and definer?

I know this is a reply like a year later, but it sounds like you were going through some serious withdrawals. Meditation works for me. Keep trying! Being saddled with the hunger while being in a human body is no fun, it complicates everything. You won't die if you don't feed, although at times you'll wish you had. But make sure you take care of your body, too, and stay in good health apart from the withdrawals. It makes them easier to take.

Failing all that, just go find a dream or two now and again and take a little, not enough to hurt them. I mean, there's no use judging yourself and fighting it forever. You can try again later, when you're stronger and more used to being in a human body. Just don't give up. Good luck.

funny u say strawberries, i use to them too for comfort food when i feel like you lol

so your saying your a succubus right? and you try not to feed on anyone well if you are a succubus that not good for you and im worried your hurting yourself because your not doing what succubus do. it might fell wrong but its normal for succubus.