Not Sure What I Am

Since I became of age, I have begun to have these intense sexual cravings that always seem to go dissatisfied no matter how much I have engaged in sex.

I've been like this for a decade and it progressively is getting even more intense. I am a happily married woman and my husband is good and faithful to me.

It seems when I'm around men, the craving consumes me and drives me insane because I don't want to do anything to hurt my husband.

Am I a succubus?
Artemiscross007 Artemiscross007
26-30, F
3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

I found im in need of drive is increasing with age. I spend more time naked just looking at my self...

Hard to husband is usually very physically drained whenever we are together. I definitely do have out-of-body experiences when I'm asleep at night...I wake up with strange bruising and marks that I never get during the day. I've been told that I could be a siren because of my obsession with my appearance and I know that there's different explanations for my 'symptoms'.

Perhaps ... However, the answer is not as easy as the question. There are additional avenues that must be crossed in order to make a fair estimation. For instance, When you and your husband are together, do you drain his energy in one way or another? Not in the usual sense, but is he physically or mentally drained, where you are rejuvinated afterwards? When you sleep during the night, do you feel yourself having out of the body experiences ... perhaps even marks on your person when you awake in the morning ... Some thoughts to get you started.