I grew up with a terminal illness have had many near death experiences where i really should have died. I have never really had a girlfriend until About the age of 18 I was a "Church Boy" But now... I am with this girl.. and I like her alot.. she has never had sex and was with a guy for 8 months.. I was with her for 1 week and we already had intercourse.. Everytime I touch her.. It makes me feel full... In a way When I kiss her she gets goose bumps... I dont understand how my simple touch on her body causes her so much pleasure.. I have tried this on another girl... and it has the same affect... What am I.... Why can I not control this feeling.. Its like once I kiss or even touch someone. I feel full filled forsay as if I can continue on .. But If I go to long I feel as if I am going to die...
Lanceocean Lanceocean
22-25, M
Aug 19, 2014