I always knew that I was different, ever since I was young I knew everything about sex. As I got older I realized that I could feel other people's emotions and I would act as if they were my own.

When I was 13 my mom told me that I was a witch, and I thought that, that was why I could do the things I could do. But as I got older and started dating things got more different about me. Almost every guy I dated told me they loved me - and I know guys sometimes just say that cause they think they'll get luckly but I never had sex with any of them though I wanted to - all my guy friends and some girl friends told me they loved me too and wanted to get with me. I've only told 3 guys that I loved them, one I'm still with the other two message me telling me they want me back.

I have this weird liking to making people turned on, I don't like doing it but as if something inside of me loves it. I get this feeling as if I'm hungry all the time and sometimes I feel as if I need to throw up but I don't. Guys I have dated get possessive and jealous of everything, they even get violent.

When I tell my mom about the guys she says it's the family curse and to be careful. I've tried to tell her I'm something else but she always brings up that 'its the family curse.' When ever there's someone who has a problem with me and I tell her she tells me to use my charm, and no not a witch charm just like as in me like I can charm him - I've always been able to do it.
At work I always get numbers and old guys hitting on me everyone loved my voice as if I could be a siren.

When I was 18 I had sex for the first time and during it the guy kept asking me if I was sure it was my first time, I just thought it was cause I dance but he told me that he's been with dancer and none of them moved like me. I'm still with the guy now. I always want to have sex like always, the guy I'm with always gets tired after we do it but I always want more.

I don't know if I'm over thinking it but I don't think I'm just a witch and I need help.
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You are correct you are not just a witch you are a woman with Succubus powers. It can be very hard and very confusing and scary. But being so you can with some work and self-reflection control you powers and control everything about yourself. I am a guy with incubus powers and succubi and incubi have the same powers. Our powers stem from our own and others feelings of disire. You can read any full human's mind so keep that in mind. If you choose when to read men's mind you will feel less disire and thus less hunger. Know what you want and how to close and open the doors to others minds. Be very careful when intimate with your boyfriend because if you feel hungry you could very easily hospitalize him or even kill him.

Dear people on this page, you are ******* insane.

You need to talk to your mother. Before things get bad for ya. It can be confusing, but you have to keep asking her about it. If not you may never know for sure.

So I've been askeding her but she's just doing the same thing idk what to do