I Wish People Wouldn't Think Its Cool To Be A Succubus

How about this for a real Succubus, I'm not proud of the blood line I have,I'm not proud that I've hurt people and never knew why until now,I've hospitalized boyfriends from having sex with them,and when I found what I was and what I could do,I did it all the time, it was like being on the biggest high you could ever have,taking energy for yourself,sometimes giving,crippling people,seducing men left and right. My heart stops when a certain name is mentioned and its the name of an ancient succubus I'm not allowed to know her name,if I hear it I'll die!!!, My Boyfriend today Mrch 4 2010 is the only one who doesn't get hurt,he gets drained but he loves it,hes got a lot of energy points on him that I love. Do you know how scary this is? its not cool and its nothing to be proud of,I could be forsaken by God because i'm a human succubus with a tad mix of demon,its not cool and its something I have to live with everyday,and it screws with my mind its not a damn party and its not a joke,its real and scary because I love God and I fear he will forsake me because of my genetic makeup. I also have spikes that come out of my hand that are invisible but if you were to hold my hand you'd feel it

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As you have demon blood you are only in human form, but are not human. This would mean you have no soul and affiliated to the devil. This is your natural family. Why would you deny your family? You are doing irreparable damage to your boyfriend, toying with him, stealing his soul through a straw.

The truth is,really its all in your head.If succubi's were real I would done had one.The people out there (young ladies) that might think you are half human and half succubus,Come find me and we will see.The reason you might hurt people in bed is cause you have a freaky side.

I can't imagine what you are going through and am sorry you are experiencing such troubling things. I can only think of how terrible I'd feel in your place that aside I am curios as to how your current bf is able to survive being drained of his life energy.<br />
<br />
Have you learned to not take it in harmful amounts? Cause even for some one with a lot of energy he'd still eventually end up a corpse. Life energy is not constantly created with in our bodies nor is it infinite and can be used up.<br />
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Which is why we must sleep to allow ourselves to recharge like a rechargeable battery does when plugged into the charger. If you haven't learned to control how much energy you drain from him while feeding then I fear the same fate awaits him<br />
<br />
In order to lessen the pain you experience in the future I suggest you learn to control your ability so you no longer cause harm to those you love.

but how do you control it? I think I might be one.. I have always been able to feel and sense energies of people so I thought it was just an native american gift i received. I'm always craving sex and when i want it i go insane, I don't think right. I just think "more more, Give it all to me. I want it all". If I ********** I don't get satisfied; I even get more horny and craving my boyfriend. That's the only thing right about my head when i'm horny is that i only want my boyfriend. He has a lot of an incredible energy. I always want him more and more. I have know that i can take people's energy for a long time.I never thought anything of it... and i never was taking to much of it. Now when I'm doing anything sexual from even just making out with him to actually having sex I can't control how much I take. This scares me. I love him with all my heart and after a day of seeing each other he's so tired and drained... I even feel when he is drained after wards and normally he just falls asleep in my lap... I never thought i was one until my boyfriend, his friend, and my bestfriend suggested i was... So now I'm scared.. What if I am and how do i control it?

I'm currently in a relationship with one that i summoned, i love her with all my being. Sorry that it's hard to be half human/half succubus. Have you ever tried to summon an incubus, a being that can actually handle the energy feeding, and probably will be the best relationship for you?

i beg to differ i myself (not aloud to speak of such a thing aloud or she will kill me) have seen/dated a sucubus or rather still am dating a sucubus and by daiting you catch my drift and chick at the top of the screen i beleive there is a way to revurse the blood line only because i used to be a relik a very old and unidentified tribe of men that reincarnated monsters undead and living but we were masters of re-creating or rather reducing the genes of monsters we are called the cirens and all humans have genes of all sorts of monsters

Succubus, vampire, energy worker, witch or shaman. We work, live and play in the invisible world.<br />
A succubus is from a blood line yes. All breeds are from discending blood lines... but without teachers our power can turn to madness as we damn our souls because of a lack of guidance and knowledge. Society and biblical teaching labels us as evil. We dub ourselves evil as we are forced to hunt. <br />
Given names like addict, pla<x>yer, cheater and *****. <br />
The moon is full tonight. My need to feed is great my mouth watering... Tonight I ate dinner in a resturant just to draw on the people in the room. <br />
My children kept me grounded and in control of myself for the last 20 years. They have gone off to college. I also worked as an exotic dancer for that time, this let me feed without the act of sex. That too has come to an end. We can not hold our own energies, our moon cycles make us weak... Starving the week before and during we instinctively know we must replenish and store until we can feed again. This is no way to live... but when I'm hungry I feel the most alive. All of my 6 senses ACUTE. There are many of us. Never feel alone. God has not forsaken you. You are a god 'dess. Look for vampire support groups on line, be careful. Trust your gut.

You can't just take energy from someone with out giving something in return. That's the way it works otherwise you are simply a predator and succubi aren't just predators more like consumers since they basically pay for the energy the receive by giving the person they take it from mind blowing sex!

If succubi were predators that do nothing but feed on man you'd hear about record numbers of death among men from their mid teens and up. But you don't because they'd exhaust their food supply

I don't know why you think you are one but I do know that you can not take someones life energy simply out of hunger

Hey....not to sound perverted or anything, which i truly am not trying too, but i would like to..you know.....be a....donor i guess is the right word for it.

Me toooooo

Hey....not to sound perverted or anything, which i truly am not trying too, but i would like to..you know.....be a....donor i guess is the right word for it.