If Only More Of Them Could Pull It Off!

Long hair on most guys is sooooo super sexy. If only all guys could pull off the long locked look!

Come on, we've all seen those guys -- the mullets, the balding spots, the greasy haired ones, or the super super curly hair that turns into a fro.

Some guys just can't pull off this look.

And they've just got to have the right face shape too. How many times have you seen a guy from the back and started drooling over his hair -- until he turns around. That moment when the sexy face you were imagining turns out to look like it's been run over by a garbage truck just ruins it all.

What other long-hair DON'Ts have YOU seen?
darkchild23 darkchild23
22-25, F
2 Responses Sep 4, 2010

I hope to never be the one who can't pull it off. I would be mortified. lol.

Hahahaha! That's wrong! I want to know if I can pull it off!