Yes, I Love A Sexy Mind....

...but I am not a 'Sucker'....

Don't try to pull one over on me....I am familiar with that trick....I know when someone is lying to me.....I may not be able to prove it, and I may not even try to.....I might just file that away for future reference.....but it's still there.....I don't forget....

So, you see, I may go along with it.....I may continue to 'engage' with you......but I'm not stupid....I know what is going on....don't kid yourself.....

Liars and players are rampant in these parts....I've had my experiences, and I've learned some lessons....

But, I say again...I am not a 'Sucker'

NotHisBabydoll NotHisBabydoll
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I'm a little a dry martini out of the question then?

Haha...of course not...alcohol is always a welcome distraction!

Hi girl is this why we're not talking I'm not a player I m just in a sexless marriage but my wife is awesome an oxymoron isn't

Hi how's the day

Hi.....haha....the days fine....almost over're catching me as I'm heading out!

I said I would buy you a coffee. sheesh ;-p

ha ha ha ha ha ..... BD check the comment below<br />
:D :D :D ... he is asking u some thing LOLS

Are you good at sucking c o c k

Well that was classy. Asswipe.

awww poor diddums. :-p

Wow...thanks for jumping to my rescue, Deg! :) he is an a$$, it would seem....

did someone called 911 :P ?

Good point gt asswipe is useful. ;o)

I have it on good authority that Mr. D!ckweed has very thick skin...he is not easily offended.

it's true....he's also not averse to a little ribbing....

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i would never EVER take you for a sucker Babydoll :-)

*flashes his lobes at you*

I'm very curious. How do you distinguish a genuine sexy mind from someone who is lying? I have no idea of how I might go about faking it to convince someone my mind was sexy if, in fact, it was not. For that matter, what the hell is a "sexy mind"?

Ooh.....your mind is definitely sexy....your questions, mmmmhmmmm....keep asking, baby....

haha...just teasing....I think you\'re joking too, right? I\'m sure you understand the premise behind a \'sexy\' mind.....I\'m not just into the \'physical\' part alone, there has to be stimulation of the mind as well.

So if I manage to turn you on, then I\'ve got a sexy mind. Kind of like what Duke Ellington said about music: \"if it sounds good, then it is good.\"

So...was it good for you too, baby?

Haha....see? You got it!!

Never - not even sometimes? I bet you do ;-)

Ha!! Touché..... ;-)

I, on the other hand am indeed a "Sucker".........but in a good way

I love the picture at the end. Everything else was well put

How do you distinguish a sexy mind from a dirty mind? Or is there a difference? I'm not sure which I have: please add me.

Nice to meet you, I think we might get along well?

You frighten me. Yet, I can't look away. ;)

Nah.....don't be frightened.....I'm not that scary ;)

Thanks for your comment!

I'm still frightened.

Wow! And with that your sexy mind has just tripped my trigger! You ooze intelligence and m ability to say precisely how you feel. Too many have difficulty with that. I would truly enjoy knowing you better.

Thank you! ;)

You are very intriguing I must say. I would like to get to know each other better. I would not shy away from a lick and I think you would enjoy our friendship as well. Lol

*licks you* Gak!!! No you are not a sucker. ;-p

Likely coffee flavoured...haha

*licks you anyway*

;) And some twister??? Haha

Simultaneously! I'm talented.