City Girl Captivated...

A certain walk
A certain smile

For you my love, 10 thousand miles.

Sing to me, in all sincerity
Play that old guitar

Love ain't a trial on the back of your stallion
You're my heart, my breath
My soul's companion

TRW 15th March 2009
(For a long, lost love down south)

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
31-35, F
10 Responses Mar 15, 2009

lets talk bout it its ok i am a good listener and a good sweet friend...i am here for you if you need me. i want hurt you and i will only love you and care for you. xoxoxoxox.

Hi TheRealWoman<br />
I read a fair few Westerns as a kid does that count, Ma'am?<br />

I loved it as well! Let's go cover those abs though and pick those bones clean! LOL

Tip of the hat to ya, ma'am... I reckon anyone who admires cowboys has got to be good people.

thanks trw i loved this!

It's an absolute pleasure to compliment good men.

Born and raised on a ranch here in Wyoming. Ridin', ropin' ranchin' that was the life that we learned, and I am thankful for it. Made me the man that I am today. Thanks for the compliments to the dieing breed that is the American cowboy.

I'm worried about the cowboy in the logo. He might catch a cold in his belly, if the weather's chilly enough for that jacket/w fleece collar. Put a sweater on that boy!

*pouts*<br />
I'm sorry, a real hug is better, I know.

Awwww, come here leafwindblown *HUG*