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A Couple Of Tight Fitting Puzzle Pieces

Things we may not have paid attention to in days gone by now seem to make sense as we get more experience and knowledge behind us. One such thing happens to be the old cliche' of opposites attracting. Then my mind takes me to the phrase, "For every action, there is a reaction." I began to ponder the marvel of the application of both when it comes to people.

Often times we can look at couples and think, "I wonder what she or he sees in him or her." To the person on the outside looking in, it makes no sense. Again, it is just an external sort of assessment. Nonetheless, in part, we must keep in mind that beauty/attraction is in the eye of the beholder. However, when we place ourselves with another, a good relationship often is accompanied by not only an understanding, but an acceptance of the similarities and differences that each attract one to the's like a puzzle where you know the pieces in order to fit have to be viewed from many angles before they fall into the correct place...hence, an understanding and acceptance of not only oneself, but of another one's perspective.

It's funny because many times individuals who have similar physical attributes do not fit when it comes to values or very many other things in their relationship. It sometimes results in a struggle of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, or keeping with the puzzle analogy, trying to put an edge piece in the middle of the puzzle. It doesn't matter how physically attractive and "hot" a person is, or how good the intimacy is, the rest of it doesn't work, as the framework is missing. There is nothing to hold the couple together. The reactions to one another are like knuckles gnashing against one another versus a hand smoothly fitting into a glove and holding firm to what is closest to one's heart.

Further, values and compromise act as a coating to seal the big picture of a couple together...regardless if he likes meat and potatoes and she likes sushi, if the core values of morality, loyalty, trust and love are shared by both, the rest is secondary and almost immaterial. So what if he likes sports, and she likes to do crafts,...everyone is unique and develops their own way of liking and doing things. It's also a development of what each will do for one another as a result of the attraction and what a couple likes to do together that often help to complete the big picture. Additionally, when two souls with similar values and viewpoints on life, family and people mutually lock into place, the other facets of one another's personality and appearance fit snug and close to the heart and mind as well. They not only become grounds for curiosity, and admiration, but an unchartered territory for building upon and accepting one another's differences, while developing patience and an unbreakable connection.

So, now as I look at couples that superficially may appear awkward, not only do I think, "There is somebody for everybody," but I also think, those two must truly "get one another" and have a deeper understanding as to how one another thinks, not to mention appreciate and accept one another as is." Does it get any better than to find someone of like values who respects you for who you are, who recognizes,and accepts your differences while strengthening those core values that you share as a couple? I think not.

Cheers to those whose puzzle piece connects to another's, even if one is slightly different, as the fit makes for an easy, loving and comfortable arrangement of accepting one another 'as is.'
SmartSweet1 SmartSweet1 51-55, F Oct 15, 2011

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