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"A Diamond In The Rough" In The Puddle Of Duh

Most of us have heard the phrase, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." Initially one might think of the phrase to mean just as it says with reference to an actual diamond, meaning many women are obsessed with the appearance of large, shiny rocks and the significance attached to it....hence the material things, the appearance of opulence, the attachment of wealth to a tangible stone. However, if we were to take a true analytical glimpse at the phrase,one should examine diamonds even further and examine the underlying strength of it, the core place it came from, and what truly makes it shine. To what do I the "diamond in the rough," and hence the gentleman that lies within an individual that holds his own, who can be aloof as needed, and whose heart and let's not forget kisses could melt you into "a puddle of duh" on the spot. For those of you who are not quite clear as to the meaning associated with "a puddle of duh," it is that unmistakable amnesia regarding the world around two people that immediately sets in when two lips acquaint themselves with an overwhelming passion that intensifies the attraction between them.

Diamonds are not such an easy thing to select unless you know what you are looking for. In the gem sense of the term, there is gem quality, near gem quality and industrial standard. It is the lucky individual to be able to clearly assess which one will be the true gem. Going from least desirable to most, the industrial standard diamond could be likened to the every day sort of stone, meaning that it is used in such things like drills and equipment. If we were to compare it to mates/friends, it would be much like someone who is there but who may not have much substance or quality despite the overall exterior. Near gem quality diamond is one grade above industrial and one grade below gem quality. Again, making a comparison to that of a mate/friend, this type has more than just an exterior that may appear good, but still there are flaws that don't quite make the grade. Finally, gem quality, are those that exhibit excellence in overall quality. This is in some ways self explanatory when it comes to comparing a gem quality to that of a mate/friend, however, it goes much deeper than that.

All diamonds are rough in their initial stages. How the diamond is mined, cut, polished are all important with the cut taking top priority. The cut must be such that the diamond's brilliance and fire is reflected without taking away from its overall weight and value. Analogizing it to individuals, it would appear that the diamonds among us come from backgrounds that are not only influential in manners, but experiences and compassion that add to the person's overall personality and value. Most diamonds are known to have approximately 58 facets. An individual's personality and character traits can equal that amount if not exceed it in some instances. A facet is ground into the diamond so that it is able to hold or encase light. A personality trait is in part present within each of us, however, personalities also are often formed as a result of the human experience and the reaction to the same. Proportionately placing a diamond to achieve an exacting cut that will ultimately result in a dynamic, enchanting and glowing lustrous gem is key to a gem quality diamond. The same can be said of the ultimate friend/mate...when an individuals personality traits or facets if you will are proportionate in terms of a loving genuine heart, intelligent, symmetrical in values to yours, and in balance with what is truly important...feelings...that is the individual who will outshine all of the others.

A final note, a diamond in the rough is not the ones that appears to have all the luster and beauty both inside and out. One must look beneath the sometimes gruff exterior and examine how it was mined/raised,...what experiences the individual has much understanding one has developed as a result of his upbringing and past,.... and most importantly the balance an individual has achieved over the course of his life...polish this individual with manners, and the brilliance of this individual will outshine any other wanna be diamond or impostor there is. Consider yourself lucky if you find "a diamond in the ruff" whose fiery brilliance is reflected from his inner core outwards as shown in part by "the puddle of duh."
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Hi Kimberly1971:<br />
Thank you for your kind compliment. I do write from my heart and I'm glad you liked my spin on diamonds and friends/mates. Thank you again. :)

This is a refreshing change on EP, it was written with a good heart, and, a lot of intelligence. It is nice to know there are others out there who want to write something positive for a change. Great article.

Awww, thank you. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)