The Curse Of A Woman Who Loved Too Much

Have you ever heard about the woman who loved too much. She gave her self away in the enigma of love and when ever she would fall for some one she would put her heart and soul in it. It got to the point where her lovers would get afraid of hurting her, of not loving her back as she deserved, of shying away from her because they could not commit to her because of their circumstances in life. 

Yes, I am that woman who is cursed to love too much. To care too much... I have been in love thrice and every time my feelings and emotions have been stronger than my partner and I have paid the price in tears for loving so much. I have been told by other women to set boundaries and not to fall too much, to not get too close to a lover but I guess to me all boundaries blur when I am in love and in a relationship. I become entwined with the force of love, which is too strong for myself or for my partners (i am assuming so). 

So today... I am hurting because the third person I gave my heart to asked me to take it back because he is in a position in life where he can't promise me anything but my love is hurting him instead. He says it hurts him that I love him so much and he can't love me back the same way or promise me a future. He cried and begged me to walk out of his life because my love was torturing him. 

So what do I make of that? I am under the curse of love.... I am cursed to love too much!
SunnyB SunnyB
May 20, 2012