Little Love Story

The man of pain sat alone,
The girl of hope sat in pain,
Both looked at the stars,
Where they touched the moons light,
One so far,
The other further,
But the heavens had a plan,
The girl shredded tears of pain,
A broken girl without a name,
She looked upon a mirror,
Her reflection showing her tears,
That face had not lifted a smile in a long time,
Over a distance the man sat in a corner,
Silent and focused,
He had a blade upon a hand,
Upon his other just a empty wrist,
He remembered a time when he had smiled,
It was when he was a young boy,
He gave his heart to a beautiful young girl,
But she left him waiting,
Waiting for so long,
He did not know much of her,
Only that he loved her,
On the other part of the moon,
The girl stared at the sky,
Memories of songs and dance,
Soft memories of a boy she once met,
Upon her hand she had a blade,
Upon the other a blank wrist,
The stars glowed brighter,
A cloud hid the moon as the wind picked a soft breeze,
The wind caressed the girls cheek and blew away bringing a small white flake,
On the other part where the man sat,
He felt the wind pick up,
He felt a warm touch against his cheek,
It was like the touch of a hand but nothing but the wind was near,
The man sat and hummed a tune,
It was the tune of a song he once heard,
The girl sang softly,
A song she once sang,
The stars grew brighter as a single snowflake fell,
The girl watched it land and went outside,
There many flakes fell,
The ground became white and soft,
The man looked out the window,
A small piece of white fell,
He went to where it landed and became surrounded by cold yet beautiful white,
It reminded him of a girl he once knew,
The girl stood in the snow,
It reminded her of someone she left behind,
The stars came closer to the moon,
The man with his blade in one hand,
Took it to the empty wrist and carved the name of the girl he once knew,
The girl took a blade to her blank wrist and carved the name of the one she left behind,
He hummed the tune and felt alone,
She sang the song and felt lost,
In the snow the man stood,
In the white the girl stood,
In the cold the man took the blade to his heart,
In the frost the girl took the blade to her heart,
The man stabbed and the snow became red,
The stars grew still brighter,
The girl took the blade and stabbed the white became crimson,
The stars burst to light,
In a meadow beyond the stars and moon,
A man sat alone,
In the meadow a girl saw a man,
The man saw her and knew her from somewhere,
The girl saw the man and knew his face,
The man thought and it came to him,
She was the girl he once knew,
The girl thought and it came to her,
He was the one she left behind,
In their life they loved and were separated,
In their death they loved and were reunited,
Their love became like the snow,
Pure and beautiful,
They had lost each other,
Now they were found.
thisaccountisgone thisaccountisgone
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013