He Made Me Laugh So Hard I Fell In Love With Him!

7 years ago when I met my current LTR boyfriend I thought
it would be a pleasant, friendly relationship, (and it has been).

But one night we were watching a movie at his place when
he started wrestling me on the couch. We had been to the
beach that afternoon and were still shirtless and barefoot in
our Speedos.

We are near the same size so it was give-and-take until
Donnie started TICKLING!

He got on top of me, then pinned my ankles and began
tickling the bottoms of my feet! I am horribly ticklish and my
soles are my worst spots, so he quickly reduced me to
squealing, helpless laughter.

I found out Donnie is WICKED KOOL at making me LAUGH,
and that evening he tickled me til I was howling & screaming
at him to stop. But he kept on til I got way horny, then we ended
up falling in love.

LAUGHING to me is one of life's greatest gifts, and someone
who can tickle me to hysteria will have my love forever.
kulshady kulshady
41-45, M
Sep 23, 2012