Really, you guys? Ok...

Ok, this Grizzley Bear walks into a bar and sits on a stool... The bartender is stunned, but figures he'll make the bear a drink. He hands it to him and charges him, and the bear pays.

"We don't get many bears in here," the bartender says.

"Well, at what you charge, I'm not surprised!"


Oh god... *SIGHS*... I'm a lonely man...

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Haha... Yeah, that would be the greatest joke of all time.

Grapes + sex ink blots.

Which ones?

Combine those jokes = best joke in the world.

Lol... Good one. I got another one though....<br />
<br />
Guy walks into a shrinks office to take the ink blot test. The shrink gets them all out and goes through them one by one...<br />
<br />
"What do you see?"<br />
<br />
"Sex."<br />
<br />
"Now?"<br />
<br />
"Sex."<br />
<br />
Several times over, "sex, sex, sex". Finally, the shrink says to the guy:<br />
<br />
"Y'know, you're obsessed with sex."<br />
<br />
"Well, you're the one drawing all the dirty pictures!"

Okay here's another good one:<br />
<br />
A duck walks into a bar and asks, you got any grapes?<br />
The bartender says no, we've only got beer and liquor. <br />
So the duck leaves. <br />
The next day the duck comes in, says you got any grapes?<br />
The bartender looks at the duck weird and says, we only have beer and liquor still. <br />
The duck leaves.<br />
The third day the duck comes into the bar and says, hey you got any grapes?<br />
The bartender gets pissed and says, look here duck. I already told you...we don't have any grapes! Now you ask me again and I'll nail your goddam feet to the floor!<br />
The duck kinda pauses and says, got any nails?<br />
NO! the bartender shouts.<br />
Well any grapes?<br />
<br />

No, the bear is cheap... He's a Republican, lol.

Then his uncle must have been cheap or broke if his nephew could barely afford a drink. ;P

It's ok, the bear inherited money from his late uncle Ambrose.

hahaha...awwww. The poor bear got jipped.