Ok.. Mostly Musicians!

I was making eyes with one of my guitar friends while he was on stage. Mmmmm What a sexy man! I was biting my lip and licking my fingers.

Something about creative men drives me wild. I am a creative woman so maybe that's it..

I love a local group of musicians here in town and have slept with..let's see.. 4 of them! And I'm working on another.. If He'd just get rid of that pesky girlfriend! Grrrr!! He called me the other night and we talked for an hour and 40 min. Just talking and flirting with him made me feel so good.

We talked about pushing boundaries and how the creative mind works. We connected on these things and commented that it felt good to talk to someone that 'gets it'. That inquisitive mind that is not afraid to be reckless. Sometimes being reckless sends you to places you have never been. When you are left out on the fringe you have to hold on even tighter! That's rock and roll baby!

I go for what lights my fire! And I love to know that man up on stage and pretend he's playing just for me!

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3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

You're a groupie, no shame in that, we guitar players, would be very empty without you, :-) I married mine!

You slept with 4 and working on the 5th. You go girl! There is no shame in your game. :-)

Girlfriend, I hear you loud and clear.<br><br />
<br><br />
In my other ego I am "Mz Maihem" chapter head of The Plastics, Melbourne. An elite "old school" groupie club based in Hollywood.