Work Your Magic On Me

I don't know what it is, I've been trying to deny it lately (with little success), I am always attracted to Musicians, Actors, or Artists. Slim guys, fans of poetry and the bleeding heart, guitar players, fans of berets and black clothing, dark rimmed glasses, curly or unruly hair, you get the idea....

My family and friends always laugh at me, and always point out a guy I'd be attracted to, based solely on his appearance. One of my ex-boyfriends ended up in film/photography production, and almost all of my crushes/admirers either wrote poetry, acted, painted, or played an instrument.

The arts are a huge part of my life. I have exchanged paragraphs of writing, dedicated solely to romance and seduction...I've sighed over every artistically inclined character in romance movies and secretly wished he'd come over sometime and work his magic on me. I've written countless poems for crushes/lovers, and received a good couple in return.

The best part about falling for an artist is the fact that true artists don't use cheesy pick up lines or lovey dovey trash talk. They formulate true expressions of love, either through words or art or music.

Their down side? They are sometimes too petty, too sensitive, too wimpy, and too emotional. LoL they might cry more often than you do!!

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6 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Sounds like you've got it sussed. Just be careful, there's alot of fakes & posers out there, guys who just wear the uniform (The fancy dress) who say the right thing, wear the black rimmed glasses, talk the language, but there, so-called, art floats with the t.u.r.d.s and its just part of their strategy to get females. Judge them on their work not the fashion parade.

Without sadness there'd BE no happiness. Yin an yang.<br />
<br />
An 'sucker'? He he. I prefer 'selective'. (poke)

That's so true. When you're aware of everything, it's 10 times harder being happy all the time. And as they say, through sadness you find happiness.

haha<br />
that's a deal.<br />
<br />
my fav quote is, "Sad is happy for deep people!"

i'll go cry with you!! :-)

well you pretty much pegged me. LOL.<br />
excuse me while I go cry now. ;-)