* Gulp*

Damn..when did humble pie get so ****** dry? *pulls collar away from neck*

Anyways..i admit, i have been a sucky friend to some of you here. I am hard to keep conversation with, i have a short attention span, i have taken some of you for granted, figuring..
"ahh i will get to their wb in the morning.." and then forgetting entirely. Im sorry. i am self centered i admit. ive lost some circle members coz of it and. i gots no excuse..other than im sorry..and its a learning lesson ..for me. =/
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Cuppa, you are fine..do not worry.
We all have lives outside of this place. Whoever said you are self centered needs to take a flying **** at the moon.

sometimes life gets in the way.... thats kinda healthy though.... and sounds like a good place for you to be. Hopefully people arent so needy that they will become dreadfully offended by it....

Oh well, we all have lives or atleast some of us do and it's not really healthy to sit at a computer 24/7 to make sure we comment on everyone. Those who have taken the time to know you would understand and not be offended when you don't always keep up.

If we would all
be so open
honest, w/ ourselves and others,
Relationships would
have endless potential...
joyinthejourney, clg

I'm probably the worst for this. I'll usually give people my undivided attention when I'm online, but it's rare for me to initiate conversations with my circle. More often than not, I just lurk :P

i liked your honesty .

I think this is funny, because if you are a bad friend i must be a truly terrible one in comparison. It's like Einstein saying he is bad at math to a guy who could never pass algebra, which is me too. Ediez understands the math thing. Say a number and we just drift away like a balloon in a breeze. I have my pin # tattooed inside my eyelid. You're a fine friend. Sure we can all do better, even Jesus could have done a tiny little bit better and had a lazy day or two. I know I was there. The point is if Jesus died for our sins, then lets get to sinning so he didn't die for nothing! Oh wait that was terrible. I love Jesus btw. Xo

i love how you speak Copper, you are so poetic and stuff. and i know you love Jesus. :)

I think we all do it. I mean, I was gonna reply to this hours ago, but then I got talking politics with the office people.

lol i love this, and thanks for replying at all :)

Yeah Gawd fg.. when you gunna take me fishing and get drunk with me like you are always promising!

Sweetie, you need to stop being so worried about things like this. We know how you operate. We don't love you in SPITE of how you operate. We love you BECAUSE of how you operate.

I had a conversation about you with Muffin. I compared you to one of my favorite movie characters. Ask her about it. :-)

You are awesome.

i just sit here and smile real big coz thats all i got for you right now lol :D

I like that muffin.. she reminds me of a certain verse in a run dmc song.


Hey, of all my friends here, you have been one of the best at keeping in touch and being supportive. Everyone has there times of being self-centered or too lazy or forgetful....it's called being human. Anyone who'd leave you because you didn't contact them is missing more by losing you than you are losing them, IMHO. I think you're awesome!

you guys are awesome lol. *hugs you*

You're a darn tootin good friend too dragon!

We love u cuppa. And trust me, we all are self centered at times. For what it's worth, you're always there when i need you. <3

thank you dear. im on speed something on your ankle haha. :)


yes..Ediez is right!...and you see miss thang...i was the one apologizing in your box this morning for bein a doofus ...so stop being so hard on yourself!

^^^^Listen to Feisty!

yes ma'am! :D

good...now i can put the ruler away! .....*evil grin*...bwahahahaa

Speek for yourself.. I'm perfect, just ask MY twin dente.

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