Today I Won a Battle

Almost everything goes: candies, chocolate, ice-cream. When I start, I can't stop before there's nothing left. The best way to control it is not to buy those things. Today I didn't. Tomorrow try not to. I bet this is one reason why my mood changes as fast as lightning strikes, from cheerful to a total *****. And this is not my only addiction...
Mocha81 Mocha81
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3 Responses May 7, 2007

there's a scientific explanation for the need of chocolate (or ciggies, or almost any addiction, esp. any that doesn't make your body depend on some substance) So what Charlyss is saying makes tons of sense, as long as you can "replace" chocolate with anything healthier and have the same effect, you're on the right track.

I understand you. I love chocolate, etc. But I find Stimulus to resist to this addiction. Anything can be Stimulus. From favourite moviestar to even an animal. Once, I saw a dog on the street - and a strange thought came to me - dog was so beautiful, so Harmonious. And I thought - she doesn't want any sugar! she's happy, and so can I. I just adore dogs and somehowthat helped me. I know, that's strange - but maby you also have someone you admire - and who doesnt eat candies, so you could follow hisherits example ;)

Hmm... I've never tasted sushi.