There Can Be Joy Afterwards

A combination of rapid reduction in testosterone (went into male menopause) and the conflicts and stresses of everyday life in the rat race, I overdosed on  anti-anxiety and blood pressure medication. I was actually declared dead and my wife signed over my organs for transplant (I am an organ donor). On the last reflex check I grabbed the arm of the Nurse after having been totally unresponsive for over 24 hours. My brave wife consent to place me on Life support for a short time and I am here on the other side. Given a new life, have recovered completely despite being severely oxygen deprived, prior to being rescued. No significant brain damage, no significant organ damage, and I am 100% of were I was before.  I fine so much joy in things I had taken for granted, am no longer on the tread mill as I have found that success has a different meaning. My life is full of joy and happiness that's to GOD and my wife giving me a second chance.  I am a spiritual person, not a hardcore Christian, but I clearly owe my life to GOD. Open your eyes and see the wonders of life and make your road to happiness easier than mine.
ankon ankon
51-55, M
Apr 26, 2012