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i have done stupid thing and this is not one of them ........ i hated myself and i still do sometimes along the way it hurts to much sometimes i am 15 and i am a suicide survivor i slit my neck and still lived i have jumped in front of cars and still lived i cry every night because of the pain I BLEED MY PAIN every day and night i try to hold it in and pass everyday with a smile but i am living a lie ....... it all started after my sister broke up wit her bf and then lost all of her friends it slowly came all together she killed herself on may 9 2005 then my mom died of cancer a year later a month later my dad got in a car and drove it off into a lake and drowned himself i moved in with my grandma i went down real bad i have done drugs and i have overdosed on my grandma's pills trying to kill myself i started to get better after a while time heals and with help i started to smile again and then i met this guy named alex he was everything i always wanted tell on day he raped me i stayed with him though even after it all he started to hurt me and i had to hide all the brushes from my grandma i finally had the guts to say it was over to him BUT ...... when i did he beat me to death and raped me everyday for a week then i ran away from it all !!!! i ran and ran then i fell to the ground to his feet all i know is that i woke up in the hospital a week later when i got out i fell in to a depression and i have not woke up since !!!! thank u for reading this please put comments and tell me what u think :(  
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:( everybody's getting hugs but me :(

awwwwh! I am soo sorry you had to go through this! D:

im so sorry that you had to go though this