The Voices In His Head

I lost my fiance two months ago. He took his own life. We were supposed to be going on a road trip back to my home town, where he left me. He planned this trip, knowing that he was going to leave me there. He drove 12 hours back to our house to take his own life.
I have not been back to our house since. The police won't contact me. Everything I had went to his parents, who blame me for his death. I miss him so much. He left me with nothing. Please think about others before considering the easy way out. It affects us all too much.
I have created a fundraising website that tells my story in more detail. Don't feel inclined to donate, just please, all of you read my story and pass it on.

Mental illness is the silent killer. Let's help eachother to fight it.

If you are grieving, contemplating suicide, or just have any questions - don't hesitate to contact me.

tjsunrise tjsunrise
22-25, F
May 13, 2012