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Yes I am I did it twice and was DEAD both times but they brought me back to life.....
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Depression , problems with husband an the devil !!!

Where were you when you were dead? I am tempted to do suicide, I am so depressed....

I died three times on the operating table the 1st time 2nd time was in my living room . Please dont do it !There is help, I am here for you too please I know how you feel and it is not worth it let someome help you !

This is what i do if im in that situation .. I literally pray <3 so if it works for me it will work for you <3

thank you I do pray and it does help

aww <3 thats good stay positive okay if u need someone to talk to im here bcosno-one should be in tgat position like EVER :( but luckily this site is so social-friendly haha just dw and pray :-)x

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But y y did that

wow. me too.

what happened when you "died"? are meant to be here :) If you are comfortable elaborating on your experience, I would love to hear more. Happiness and blessings to you.

ok pm me and Thank you.