I've Tried, Once.

I tried when I was 10.

Me, my little sister, my mom, and her friend all went to her neighborhood pool.

Then, when we got in, I came up with the idea.

I'd drown myself.

"They wouldn't really notice, would they?" I thought.

I paddled to the deep end and put my hand on the edge.

I pushed down.

I thought.



I pushed further down.

My vision was getting blurry.

I was beginning to pass out.

I had a tiny smirk.

I thought.

"Finally...It's all ove-"

I began to feel my heart beat slow down...slower..slower..

I let go of the edge.

I closed my eyes, peacefully.

My hair flowed.

Then, suddenly...
I heard someone.

"Melody!" they called, grabbing my hand.

It was my mother.

She pulled me up.

I tried not to look...let down.

Why didn't she leave me?

I was peaceful...

For once.

Animelover1234 Animelover1234
1 Response Sep 5, 2012

Wow, that is young, noone that young should have to deal with that. I am very sorry. I hope that you are doing ok now. If you ever need to talk Im here