I Survived...

Well where to start on this one lets see i've survived 30 suicide attempts.
My first one was when I was in 4th grade. I was bullied for no reason at all so I went and I tryed cutting my wrists and all over to try and bleed to death but I survived it. Then came well the horrible stuff. My life flipped upside down and well I ended up going and trying to die. 15 attempts were cutting,4 were tying to hang myself,10 was overdose,The last one was well by slitting my throat and as you can see im still alive to tell the tell. Most of my attempts were over stuff that I should of not cared about cheating,bullying,used,raped,ect All could have been helped but when I went to the two people I thought would help me always be here for me turned there back as if it was a joke now almost 6 years later now it a big deal now they want to get me help lmao yeah i needed help 6 years ago not when I go and it turns to be normal to me. So now when then the word suicide comes up I dont have those thoughts much I still do now and again but two special people in my life always change my thought. I could thank them till the end of time and it wouldnt be enough they've done so much for me and no matter what im always going to be there for them.
xxdarkdemon96xx xxdarkdemon96xx
18-21, M
Jan 14, 2013